Real time data sharing

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Understanding shared data architecture
Go in-depth on shared data architecture as James Gimourginas explains what it is, how it works, and shared data architecture benefits, drawbacks, and use cases.
Real-time data sharing challenges (and solutions)
Examine the fundamental obstacles to successful real-time data sharing, including sharing in a data alliance. Understand traditional solutions and explore a more modern one with Vendia Share.
The future of data sharing with deterministic databases
Tim Wagner, the Father of Serverless and Vendia Co-founder explores how database and blockchain research are revolutionizing business data sharing.
Worlds colliding: The new, unstoppable impact of analytics and operational data sharing at scale
Erin Kelly, SVP at Kraft Analytics Group and Francine Klein, Sr. Solutions Architect, discuss connecting analytics and operational data worlds, at scale, with data alliances.
Codeless APIs: Why generating APIs from data models makes application development easier and safer
Learn how codeless APIs free up teams from relentless grunt work and makes it easy, safe, and secure to share critical business data in your data alliance.
Why is supply chain visibility important?
Supply chain visibility helps organizations make faster decisions with better outcomes. See how SCV data can add efficiency and better serve customers with insights from Vikrant Kahlir, Tech Lead.