New podcast: Circles of Trust launching this fall

Get real talk on real-time data sharing, the perfect brain food for innovation evangelists, business strategists, passionate developers, and next-gen technology fans..

New podcast: Circles of Trust launching this fall

Join Tim Zonca, Vendia’s VP of Marketing (and former Sr. VP of Worldwide Marketing at Puppet and CEO at Stackery), as he hosts the premiere season of Vendia’s new podcast, Circles of Trust: Real talk on real-time data sharing.

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Sneak preview

E1: The Great Equalizer: How data sharing can help communities and nonprofits overcome social inequities

Guest: Jameila “Meme” Styles, Data activist, Founder and President of MEASURE, Social Science Research Council, 2022 JustTech Fellow

Meme Styles and host Tim Zonca discuss how better data sharing—and more of it—will give community organizations and civic leaders a common language for solving complex problems like health, education, criminal justice, and economic inequities.

E2: Founders Session: Why dedicate a company (and $50M in investor cash) to real-time data sharing solutions?

Guests: Shruthi Rao (co-founder, CBO, Vendia) and Tim Wagner (co-founder, CEO, Vendia)

Vendia co-founders Shruthi Rao and Tim Wagner talk with host Tim Zonca about why data sharing matters, and why they founded and dedicated an entire company to helping organizations share data better. Get insights for pitching to tech investors, how to place your bets as startup leaders, and more.

E3: Worlds colliding: The unstoppable impact of analytical and operational data sharing at scale

Guests: Erin Kelly (SVP of Enterprise Solutions & Strategy, Kraft Analytics Group) and Francine Klein (Sr. Solutions Architect, Vendia)

Erin Kelly and Francine Klein talk with host Tim Zonca about the differences between analytical and operational data, the challenges and opportunities inherent in sharing each (and both) at scale, plus the game-changing promise of connecting these separate worlds inside enterprises and across business networks.

...with many more episodes to come!

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