Use cases for real-time data applications

From backend-as-a-service to real-time workflows with partners, Vendia Share crosses companies and clouds.

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Low Code Backend for Startups

Accelerate time to product-market fit, and avoid wasting investment dollars on undifferentiated and complex backend development. Real apps require real backends, but building out a backend is no small feat. Staffing engineers, defining data models, DIY API development, and infrastructure deployment adds massive drag to your startup.

Deliver your application to users faster with Vendia as your backend cloud. Just like Bubble, Kleeen, and Retool compress frontend development, Vendia compresses backend development – providing your data layer as a service. Just bring your data model and we automatically generate your APIs, spin up, and run the right underlying infrastructure for you.

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Partner Data Exchange

Whether launching a new marketplace or modernizing your partner portal, Vendia gives you a platform for registering partners, their offerings, associated collateral, transaction workflows, and more. So rather than wasting time on backend complexity, you quickly unlock real-time data sharing and safe transactions. Vendia gives you a powerful backend cloud to connect your entire partner ecosystem and empower heterogenous sharing patterns, full data lineage – all without the burden of DIY API development and costly infrastructure management.

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Settlements & Clearing

Turn error-prone batch processes into continuous data flows, reduce the risk of outstanding balances and manual disputes, and enable multi-party reconciliation and issue resolution.

With Vendia you reconcile and complete transactions based on a single source of universal truth. The result? Your company brings closure to multi-party transactions faster, ensuring payments are fair, accurate, and safe so companies receive payments sooner.

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Serverless Ledger & Lineage

Vendia’s serverless ledger combines the spirit of blockchain with the critical capabilities enterprises require that traditional blockchains lack – including high throughput, performance, scale, security, reliability, and integrations that enterprises need.

Whether for supply chain, indemnification, track-and-trace solutions and more, Vendia helps you create a multi-party data sharing network the ensures provenance, accuracy, control and scale. All without the complexity of DIY blockchain implementations.

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Cross-Cloud Modernization

Need to modernize on prem data from the likes of Oracle and Postgres? With Vendia you combine the value of your rich data with the best of the cloud, making your data available across clouds, with DR, fault tolerance, resiliency, and scale built in. Modernizing with Vendia means data in multiple places is synchronized and up-to-date at all times.