Immediate value realization, with quick onboarding of parties, harmonized multi-format data sharing, with global multi-cloud resilience, all in a low-code/no-code platform. Built-in APIs, universal adapters, and transformation capabilities, for instant data collaboration.

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Connect to any source or destination system and transform and harmonize heterogeneous data formats across systems or parties. This drives interoperability and collaboration across diverse data ecosystems, breaking down data silos, and eliminating barriers posed by incompatible systems and formats, fostering harmonious data integration and enabling real-time data flow.

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Low-code No-code

Quick onboarding of parties, without the delays of building point-to-point integrations, reconciling data, or mobilizing disparate development teams. You decide on what data attributes to share in what format, how users will interface with data (no-code or custom applications), and how to invoke read and write APIs. Within minutes, your partner network is provisioned and delivered as a managed service in the cloud.

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Global scale

Multi-cloud resilience on a global scale, designed to handle large volumes of data and support a growing network of parties or systems. Vendia offers resilience via multiple cloud options, which can grow and scale with your business needs, all while offering the trust and security based on geographic needs. All of this is delivered with high throughput and low latency on a global scale.

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Use real time operational data to fuel real time actions, based on an always consistent golden record and OOB insights. Augment operational systems via bi-directional exchange of data from internal systems or partners, trigger event-based actions into or from transaction systems and/or analytical data warehouses and data lakes.

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Collaborate and share with control, ensuring full auditability of every single transaction. A policy engine that enables you to enforce RBAC with built-in AuthZ and AuthN. Ensure data ownership, sovereignty, privacy, consent (right to forget), and automatic compliance with SOC2, GDPR, CCPA & PCI.