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Data complexity just got canceled

Sync data across any business tool—all at once—with an all-in-one data automation platform

Powering the Data Expressway for...

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Enable full traceability in a trusted chain of custody

Gain auditable “track-and-trace” visibility into an entity's journey and lifecycle across geographies, parties, and systems.

Vendia travel and hospitality visibility

Automatic reconciliation with single source of truth

Collaborate and unlock value across multiple parties or systems, with an always accurate and consistent version of the data.

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Identify bottlenecks and minimize disruptions

Gain supplier transparency, product or service traceability, and complete data governance, with real-time n-tier data collaboration.

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Mitigate risk, and drive operational efficiencies

Reduce exposure, stay compliant, and automate settlements in real-time, with tamperproof, traceable, and efficient data collaboration.

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Drive growth and excel in customer satisfaction

Streamline ticketing, settlements, and loyalty transactions across partners and programs, with compliant data collaboration.

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Platform Overview

A data automation platform, to facilitate real-time, trusted and harmonized data sharing between multiple parties or systems, internally and externally. Our platform is powered by patented distributed ledger technology, network of decentralized databases, and security layer, that delivers consistent real-time view of your shared data.

Vendia platform network overview

Real-Time Actions

Use real time operational data to fuel real time actions, based on an always consistent golden record and OOB insights. Augment operational systems via bi-directional exchange of data from internal systems or partners, trigger event-based actions into or from transaction systems and/or analytical data warehouses/data lakes.

Vendia Real-time platform video

Trusted data sharing

Collaborate and share with control, ensuring full auditability of every single transaction. A policy engine that enables you to enforce RBAC with built-in AuthZ and AuthN. Ensure data sovereignty, ownership, privacy, consent (right to forget), and automatic compliance with SOC2, GDPR, CCPA & PCI.

Vendia trusted platform animation

Simple onboarding

Immediate value realization, with quick onboarding of parties, harmonized multi-format data sharing, with global multi-cloud resilience, all in a low-code/no-code platform. Built-in APIs, universal adapters, and transformation capabilities, for instant data collaboration.

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Get started today

Immediate value realization, from “Free Trial” to “Paid POC” to “Production, in a matter of weeks!

Right-sized pricing for your organization, from start-ups to the global enterprises.

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In-depth guides

Overview Brief

Learn how the Vendia platform activates operational insights across your business tools

Data complexity is canceled

Harmonize your data across your digital ecosystem with Vendia

Disruption isn’t Supply Chain’s only delay

Unblock real-time visibility across your entire supply chain network

Connecting business networks

How Vendia makes B2B data sharing easy, fast, and secure

The three-body problem

How conventional IT, private ledgers, and public blockchains will work together to usher in the Web3 era

The future of APIs

APIs and databases together, at last, for trusted, next-gen multi-party data sharing

Product documentation


A glossary of Vendia’s platform constructs before you get started with building applications for data collaboration.

GraphQL APIs

Understanding of Vendia’s GraphQL schema and how to leverage APIs for full CRUD support for your data

Quick starts

Our quick starts are designed to accelerate your experience with Vendia Universal Applications how simple and easy it is to share data across multiple parties.

Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts allow users to take action on data in a prescribed way, without having to build or maintain a complex eventing infrastructure.


Vendia provides a large array of options for integrating with other cloud vendor services, APIs from any vendor, and with your web and mobile clients.


Collection of frequently asked questions about the Vendia platform–from security and authentication to data sharing semantics