Data automation, not complication

Eliminate data and tool sprawl across your digital ecosystem


Augment operational systems via bi-directional real-time exchange of data from internal systems or external partners.
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Golden record

Shared data between multiple parties or systems is ledgered, always consistent and synchronized, ensuring everyone has the auditable single source-of-truth.

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Event-based architecture and GraphQL APIs, to trigger actions in source and destination systems, with-in or outside your four walls, hyper-automating your business ecosystem.

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Enhanced analytical intelligence with OOB insights, and ability to mine partner augmented data via machine learning tools, data lakes, and data warehouse systems.


Auditable data collaboration, ensuring data sovereignty, ownership, privacy, consent (right to forget), and automatic compliance.
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Tamperproof and immutable ledger, allows you to track data lineage, data transactions and provide an audit trail for compliance and verification, fostering trust between all parties.

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Robust access controls, authentication mechanisms, and encryption to ensure authorized access to data, and protection from unauthorized access or breaches.

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Automatic compliance with SOC2, GDPR, CCPA & PCI, ensuring consent or right-to-forget, while preserving rectification and erasure, and maintaining verifiability via the immutable ledger.


Instant collaboration with harmonized data, without the delays of building point-to-point integrations, reconciling data, or mobilizing disparate development teams.
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Connect to any source or destination system and transform and harmonize heterogeneous data formats across systems or parties.

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Low-code No-code

Quick onboarding of parties, without the delays of building point-to-point integrations, reconciling data, or mobilizing disparate development teams.

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Global scale

Multi-cloud resilience on a global scale, designed to handle large volumes of data and support a growing network of parties or systems.

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