All-in-one data automation.

Any-to-any systems.

With Vendia, you can integrate, reconcile, analyze, activate, and observe data
anywhere it lives using one end-to-end platform.

Data automation, not business complication

Divides between operational and analytical systems continue to widen as more integration tools and data touchpoints enter the mix. Cut through the complexity with Vendia.

Unlock operational insights in real time

How Vendia delivers a universal solution to connect, harmonize, and analyze data between any-to-any systems.


Sync data across all tech stacks, clouds, and parties

  • Sync data across every business tool at the same time via 1,000s of pre-built connectors.
  • Break down data silos with bidirectional connectivity between any system and cloud.
  • Eliminate delayed business context with no-code data or schema transformation built in.

Make every business tool a trusted source of truth

  • Harmonize data without complex back-end setup via unified modeling.
  • Ensure accurate, consistent data across systems and parties with built-in consensus.
  • Define and govern data-quality standards using a business-friendly rules engine.

Uncover operational insights in real time

  • Easily access data via direct egress between operational and analytical ecosystems.
  • Extend analysis to any data source via bring-your-own intelligence and direct SQL access.
  • Develop custom applications using a modern, user-friendly GraphQL interface.

Move effortlessly from insights to outcomes

  • Act on insights faster with embedded analytics inside any operational system.
  • Drive better business outcomes via direct connectivity between any system.
  • Respond to change as it happens with event-based triggers and automated workflows.

Gain visibility and control over data anywhere it goes

  • Withhold or disclose data based on record, individual, and partner fields.
  • Track data lineage and transactions with an auditable, tamper-proof transaction ledger
  • Enforce data-usage rules via smart contracts triggered at the point of transaction.

Integrate with your favorite apps and tools

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Data complexity is canceled: Harmonize data across your digital ecosystem

Take data automation to new levels of trust

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