Vendia for Data Risk Management

Reduce third-party and operational risks with full
visibility, governance, and control over your shared data.

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Vendia customer Milaha
Vendia customer Purina
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Data in sight, risks out of mind

Explosive growth in third-party data sharing outpaces traditional governance practices—creating security, accuracy, trust, and transparency challenges for business leaders.

Vendia helps you keep operational and third-party risks at bay with proactive risk mitigation and data oversight across all systems and parties.

Proactive, responsive data risk automation
Growing risk of unauthorized data access due to a lack of third-party visibility.
Comprehensive third-party risk scoring
Inadequate tools and resources to monitor and control multiplying paths of ingress.
Enhanced data management & controls
Little oversight over third-party adherence to regulatory conditions and data requirements.

Complete data oversight in the places you need it most

Know what, how, and when third-party vendors interact with your data at any time.

Vendia integrates seamlessly across existing data infrastructures, operational systems, and governance tools to standardize, control, and audit every data transaction within and outside your business.

Incomplete, inaccurate data is never worth the risk

Improve data accuracy and insights with real-time reconciliation across all systems and parties.

Built-in consensus ensures your data stays in sync at all times—streamlining efficiencies, reducing conflicts, and delivering data that everyone can trust.

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Stop third-party risks dead in their tracks

Proactively identify and mitigate emerging third-party risks with comprehensive due diligence, risk scoring, and assessments.

Smart contract automation ensures that contractual, legal, and regulatory requirements are being met at all times, prompting immediate action at the point of transaction.

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Keep sensitive data securely under wraps

Mitigate risks of unauthorized access and data tampering with a decentralized, immutable transaction ledger.

Enhanced governance controls let you tightly control data access across any system or party, as well as reduce data privacy risks by masking, anonymizing, or redacting sensitive information.

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Take data automation to new levels of trust

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