Data automation for every team,
so no one gets left behind

Level the data playing field by empowering data-driven decisions and streamlining operations—all while maintaining the highest standards of data security and governance.

Data Commerce

Unleash your data's full potential

Take data monetization to new heights with end-to-end data automation & secure data distribution.

  • Make data-driven decisions and expand customer reach with access to real-time operational data.
  • Maintain data security at all times with traceable data lineage and a native tamper-proof ledger.
  • Eliminate duplicate efforts and lower costs with seamless data delivery across your ecosystem.

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Risk & Compliance

Control your data wherever it goes

Reduce third-party risks with unmatched governance, privacy, and control.

  • Shield sensitive data with granular access controls, data masking, and anonymization.
  • Ensure continuous compliance with real-time auditing and data verification.
  • Reduce exposure to third-party risks by extending centralized data oversight outside your business.

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Technology & Innovation

Align and act fast to drive success

Drive faster innovation and transform your business with a holistic view of operational data.

  • Extract crucial insights from vast data sets in real-time, accelerating business decisions.
  • Unlock market opportunities and develop winning strategies with a complete view of business data.
  • Free up valuable time for innovation by automating operational processes and maximizing efficiency.

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Data Analytics

Data simplified, insights amplified

Accelerate speed-to-insights while ensuring data integrity with powerful end-to-end data automation.

  • Effortlessly synchronize data across your entire stack without complex code or point connectors.
  • Tap into deeper data exploration with direct egress between operational and analytical systems.
  • Eliminate automation gaps in data sharing with secure data transfer and built-in compliance.

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Revenue Operations

Better, faster GTM execution

Improve every customer touchpoint, drive effective GTM strategies, and unlock revenue.

  • Break down data silos by instantly synchronizing data across your full tech stack.
  • Drive more impactful campaigns with reconciled, accurate customer data inside every system.
  • Quickly decipher signals and data-driven trends to respond to change faster and increase revenue.

Vendia for Revenue Operations Teams - A man looking at different reports at his desk.

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Unlock the true potential of your CRM with secure data sharing and automation


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