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Explore next-gen, enterprise-level blockchain tech for your multi-party data sharing applications

Real time data sharing

Bust up myths and rethink what’s possible for your team with multi-party, real-time data sharing

Lean apps

Learn how the lean apps movement will decrease toil and increase productivity for teams

PostConnecting pets and their humans: How Best Friends Animal Society uses data sharing to connect pets to their human families, faster
Angela Embree, retired CIO of Best Friends Animal Society, talks about the lifesaving power of data sharing across thousands of shelters.
PostUnderstanding shared data architecture
Go in-depth on shared data architecture as James Gimourginas explains what it is, how it works, and shared data architecture benefits, drawbacks, and use cases.
Post10 ways to make your software better when building for cloud scale
How does Vendia’s team of cloud engineers build for scale? James Gimourginas, Director of Solutions Architecture and Customer Success lifts the hood on Vendia’s best practices.
PostPatient experience with teeth: How the world's leading dental laboratory uses data sharing to improve healthcare
Robert Edwards, Director of Software Development at Glidewell Laboratories, talks about the challenges and pending promise of real-time data sharing across the medical device value chain.
PostTeam spotlight: Vendia Engineering (Pt. 1)
Get to know some of our world-class engineers with pedigrees from AWS, Netlify, Stripe, Mulesoft, Tealium, Gitlab, Microsoft, and more…and see what it’s like to be a part of Vendia.
PostReal-time data sharing challenges (and solutions)
Examine the fundamental obstacles to successful real-time data sharing, including sharing in a data alliance. Understand traditional solutions and explore a more modern one with Vendia Share.
PostThe future of data sharing with deterministic databases
Tim Wagner, the Father of Serverless and Vendia Co-founder explores how database and blockchain research are revolutionizing business data sharing.
PostWorlds colliding: The new, unstoppable impact of analytics and operational data sharing at scale
Erin Kelly, SVP at Kraft Analytics Group and Francine Klein, Sr. Solutions Architect, discuss connecting analytics and operational data worlds, at scale, with data alliances.
PostVeny’a doing it right
Explore Vendia’s culture with Francine Klein, Sr. Solutions Architect, as she shares her perspective on what makes working at Vendia like operating within a living, breathing Venn diagram.
PostCodeless APIs: Why generating APIs from data models makes application development easier and safer
Learn how codeless APIs free up teams from relentless grunt work and makes it easy, safe, and secure to share critical business data in your data alliance.
PostWhy is supply chain visibility important?
Supply chain visibility helps organizations make faster decisions with better outcomes. See how SCV data can add efficiency and better serve customers with insights from Vikrant Kahlir, Tech Lead.
PostThe five values that make us Vendia
Learn more about Vendia’s values and culture, what motivates us, and how we show up every day for our customers and each other in this post from Head of Talent, Renee Fujii.
PostUnderstanding API Security with GraphQL
Explore common forms of API security, how they specifically relate to GraphQL APIs, and how fully managed platforms like Vendia Share reduce the API security burden often faced by development teams.
PostWhy dedicate a company (and $50M in investor cash) to real-time data sharing solutions?
In this podcast episode of Circles of Trust, Vendia co-founders, Shruthi Rao and Tim Wagner, talk about why data sharing matters and why they founded Vendia.
PostGuide to real-time data sharing vendor types
Want to scale up and streamline your real-time data sharing capabilities? Explore five common vendor approaches and compare and contrast them with Vendia.
PostYour Customer 360 solution isn’t really 360
Senior Solutions Architect Francine Klein explains why months-long data initiatives intent upon a Customer 360 solution fail and shares what you can do about it. (Hint: Forget Salesforce)
PostFintech innovation for housing and finance data ecosystems
The finance, housing, and mortgage servicing system can be transformed through the formation of multi-party and real-time data alliances underpinned by new business blockchain technology.
Post3 tips for a successful company retreat when your team is remote first
How do you drive the business, win employee engagement, and make time for both business and fun at your next company retreat? Renee Fujii, Head of Talent, shares three thoughtful tips.
PostHow to think about your growth marketing tactics at a startup
Head of Growth Marketing, Caroll Casbeer, dives into tactics she used at Vendia to grow their marketing engine.
PostNo more multicloud: The emergence of supercloud
Learn how SaaS platforms in the post-cloud hyperscaler era are turning the multicloud mess into today’s biggest opportunity.
PostThe great equalizer: How data sharing can help communities overcome social inequities (transcript)
Meme Styles, Founder and President of MEASURE, discusses how better research and data sharing empower communities with new, unbiased narratives that help solve complex social problems.
PostObstacles to data sharing
Some obstacles to data sharing are built into common data infrastructure. Other obstacles come from fearful business mindsets. This post will help you face both types of data sharing obstacles.
PostUse case: How next-gen blockchain delivers a “golden record” for mortgage servicing
Read this use case for combining the best of blockchain and central IT to securely share real-time data, eliminate errors, and forgo massive, endless reconciliation.
PostReal-time “everything” with operational and analytics data
Break down the walls between operational and analytics for real-time data sharing, starting with a shared love language to translate between JSON and SQL.
PostWhere blockchain fits into your data and application strategy
Get our new guide for innovation leaders and developers in the financial services industry. It features an in-depth use case for real-time, multi-party data sharing in mortgage servicing.
PostRoundup: Real-time data sharing
Get our most popular and helpful content on real-time data sharing, data lakes, and data mesh in this resource roundup.
PostAPI Design Best Practices
James Gimourginas, Director of Solutions Architecture and Customer Success, takes a deep dive into API design best practices as they apply to REST APIs, GraphQL, and API automation.
PostHow Atos streamlined the reinsurance process and built trust among financial services partners
Atos adopts Vendia to create a single source of truth across reinsurance partners and lauds low code development and distributed ledger design.
PostNew podcast: Circles of Trust launching this fall
Get real talk on real-time data sharing, the perfect brain food for innovation evangelists, business strategists, passionate developers, and next-gen technology fans..
PostKind is not weak, kind is strong
What makes Vendia culture strong and what fuels our dedication to excellence? Hear from Vikrant Kahlir, Principal Tech Lead for Industry Solutions on the power and practice of kindness.
PostHow to find your people: Notes on hiring and interviewing for kind humans
Our Head of Talent, Renee Fujii shares interview tips and our cultural philosophy in this post about how we hire people at the intersection of smart and kind.
PostHow to get buy-in for a new brand identity
Our Head of Design, Hailey Nevins, shares the creative process and her top tips for developing a brand identity, especially when resources are lean and business priorities are revenue-focused.
PostIntroducing developer-friendly pricing with our new Individual Plan
Vendia Share announces a new developer-friendly pricing model for individuals with features including cross-cloud data sharing and an immutable ledger for all transaction.
PostIntroducing our new brand identity
Get the first look at our new look and logo with insights from our founders on why, and why now.
PostWhen CRUD APIs aren't enough: How custom models and smart APIs create better data sharing solutions
Custom modeling and standard access platforms come together to make next-gen business APIs.
PostQ+A: Understanding Vendia Share’s approach to file sharing
In Part 3 of our series on file sharing, we answer the top questions asked about controlled file sharing for enterprises and real-time file sharing outcomes for enterprises.
PostIntroduction to B2B data sharing with Vendia
Learn about B2B data sharing use cases, benefits, challenges, and different approaches for securely and reliably sharing data in a real-time, multi-party data ecosystem.
PostHighlights from the GBTA Panel on blockchain for the travel industry
Learn about some of the key takeaways from the GBTA session on how blockchain is disrupting the travel industry with blockchain experts, Shruthi Rao of Vendia and Johnny Thorsen of Spotnana.
PostWhy public cloud services aren’t enough for file sharing
With over a decade and a half in production, why hasn’t the industry solved the problem of multi-party, multi-cloud file sharing?
PostUse cases for secure, ad-hoc data lakes with multi-cloud and multi-party file sharing
Understand the sharing scenarios for multimedia and data-centric files across organizations, regions, and clouds in healthcare, automotive, semicon, and construction
PostThe basic building blocks of Vendia Share
How Vendia Share combines API, operational database, and blockchain technology to resolve the limitations of each and deliver serverless, real-time data sharing at scale
PostBlockchain is disrupting every industry vertical—could business travel be next?
Join two blockchain experts, Shruthi Rao of Vendia and Johnny Thorsen of Spotnana, in this session to learn about blockchain’s potential in the travel industry.
PostVenn diagramming Vendia Share
How to combine blockchain, database and API technology for enterprise-grade data sharing without sacrificing security or data governance
PostQ+A: How serverless and cloud enable scalable blockchains
Get key takeaways from our webcast featuring AWS Serverless Hero Dr. Peter Sbarski’s interviewing Dr. Tim Wagner, Vendia’s co-founder and the inventor of Serverless and AWS Lambda
PostUnderstanding real-time data lakes
Data lakes enable smarter apps and faster development. Let’s look at the basics of data lake architecture, use cases, benefits, and challenges
PostWhy blockchains, databases, and APIs can’t cut it on their own
Why sharing real-time data across apps, companies, clouds, geographies, and stacks is difficult and expensive
PostAsk the expert: Dr. Tim Wagner explains why APIs break down and how to fix your data inconsistencies with smart APIs
With the rise of SaaS companies, APIs aren’t just part of your business, they are the business. Take a deep dive on all things API with Vendia co-founder & “The Father of Serverless,” Dr. Tim Wagner.
PostWhat is operational data sharing?
Data systems share operational data to monitor the machinations of daily business. Let’s look at four unique use cases and compare it to analytical data.
PostWhat does a "lean app" mean for teams?
A look at the lean app approach to development: The principles, features, and benefits that enable better team collaboration, products, and business results.
PostElements of a real-time data sharing solution
Real-time data sharing needs to grapple with increasingly decentralized data. Here are some elements to focus on when looking for a modern data sharing solution.
PostWebcast: How to build an enterprise blockchain with serverless
Learn how Tim Wagner, founder of AWS Lambda, built a serverless, enterprise-ready blockchain.
PostHow to choose between event handlers and smart contracts
Compare and contrast event handlers and smart contracts as you consider modeling applications for real-time data sharing with partners across organizations, clouds, and geographies.
PostThe 10 data modeling techniques every Vendia user should know
Step up your data modeling game to get the most value from Vendia Share.
PostTop 5 headaches of CRM integrations according to a Salesforce MVP
Discover the best way to combine CRMs and overcome CRM integration painpoints with insights from Salesforce MVP, Rebecca Lammers
PostWhat does a ‘lean app’ mean for developers?
Examine the lean app approach to development, including its precursors, its basic rules, and how it helps developers spend more time creating amazing code.
Post3 core use cases for Vendia Share in the semiconductor industry
How to reduce supply chain complexity and improve business outcomes with distributed ledger technology (and without sacrificing a climate stable future)
PostAnnouncing new low latency operations and Vendia Metrics
Announcing two new features on Vendia Share: Low latency operations for better read after write performance and Vendia Metrics for insights into the operational health of your Uni and Nodes
PostBuild a modern, secure data exchange for semiconductor traceability with Vendia
To produce high-quality, high-yielding chips, semiconductor companies need to securely exchange data with the supply chain participants.
PostHow to effectively address the challenges of real-time data sharing at the enterprise level
In this three-part series, dive deep into the challenges and solutions for evaluating and implementing real-time data sharing with confidence and control.
PostWebcast highlights: The future of CRM data sharing
We have summed up five highlights from the webcast on CRM data sharing
PostHow to increase transparency in real estate transactions using blockchain and Vendia Share
Learn how Vendia Share makes real estate transactions and multi-party data interactions secure, traceable, transparent, and real time with a shared, single source of truth via serverless blockchain!
PostVendia guest contributor program
Create a tutorial using Vendia as part of our "Write for Vendia Program." Participants receive a $500 Visa gift card.
PostWhy CRM data sharing is business critical
Sharing data between multiple CRM systems is helping organizations realize superior business outcomes, more so with the availability of robust multi-party CRM data sharing solutions.
PostHow to make your APIs "data-aware"
Data APIs continue to be a challenge for teams. What if your APIs did the heavy lifting and kept a single source of truth.
PostReal-time data sharing: Pros and cons
Real-time data sharing enables faster, more comprehensive, and more collaborative data systems. But it comes with challenges. Let’s look at the pros and cons.
PostVendia announces Series B funding
We've raised $30M in series B funding to usher in the web3 era with our next-gen blockchain technology
PostAPIs don’t have to be so difficult
APIs continue to be a challenge for organizations - we dive into why, and how we can make faster, smarter APIs.
PostApplying Vendia Share smart contracts
Examples of real-time data validation, computation, and enrichment
PostGreenchain, Part 2: Vendia and green blockchain
How Vendia's serverless distributed ledger is the green way to do data sharing
PostGreenchain, Part 1: Current blockchains' big carbon footprints
Why current blockchain technologies have large carbon footprints
PostGreenchains: Can blockchains save the environment?
Many current blockchains solutions have a large carbon footprint, but next-gen blockchains have fewer carbon emissions—and can help in sustianability tracking
PostImprove your data mesh with real-time data sharing
Organizations exploring a data mesh should also consider exploring the benefits of integrating a real-time data sharing solution like Vendia Share
PostTypes of data: Real-time data vs. analytical data
What is real-time data? How is it used? How does it compare to other popular data types like analytical or real-time analytical data?
PostWhat is real-time data sharing?
The basics of real-time data sharing: what it is, how it works, common use cases, and how management platforms enable better data sharing and collaboration
PostThe three body problem: Looking ahead
In the final part of the Three Body Problem we summarize our findings and look ahead for what successful companies will do.
PostBetter together: Using the best of centralized IT, private blockchains, and public blockchains for NFTs
Wrap up our four-part series examining the relationship between public blockchain, private blockchain and centralized IT technologies with Vendia CEO and co-founder, Tim Wagner.
PostNo more burnout: Reflections after 6 months at Vendia
Head of Design, Hailey Nevins, sharees why she doesn't regret leaving the Fortune 100 tech industry to work for a startup.
PostStrengths and Weakness of Centralized IT, Private Chains, and Public Chains
In part 2 of the 3 Body Problem we explore the strengths and weaknesses of blockchains and IT
PostPart 2: Vendia Share and Smart APIs
How Vendia helps APIs do more for you
PostWhat you need to know about APIs
And why building them is still such a challenge
PostSmart APIs
Evolve from "dumb pipes" to APIs that work for you
PostHow blockchain did (and did not) pan out as a modern IT solutions
Dive into Part 2 of our series examining the relationship between public blockchain, private blockchain and centralized IT technologies with Vendia CEO and co-founder, Tim Wagner.
PostThe Three-Body Problem
Forecast: Cloudy with a chance of Blockchain. How conventional IT, private ledgers, and public blockchains will work together to usher in the Web 3.0 era
PostCloudy with Chance of Blockchain
How the cloud and public and private chains will power the web3 world
PostAdd Data via SFTP to Vendia Share
Send a CSV via SFTP to add data to your Uni
PostAnnouncing Synchronous Mutations for Vendia Share
Building applications on Vendia Share just got a lot easier! Today, we are excited to announce the ability to execute synchronous mutations on Vendia Share.
PostAre Blockchains Databases?
With some databases now supporting versioning and checksums and blockchains storing more types of data, are these technologies on a path to merge?
PostAdding Data in a CSV to Vendia Share Using Email
How to add a CSV file to your private blockchain with Vendia Share - no GraphQL needed
PostWhy GraphQL Isn't Sufficient for Enterprise Blockchains and What We Did About It
Enriching GraphQL with Transactions, Condition Updates, and Ledgering
Post13 Features You Need to Evaluate an Enterprise Blockchain Platform
When evaluating an enterprise-grade blockchain solution there are some key features and questions you should investigate before investing in new infrastructure.
PostLean Apps Part 3: Let Infrastructure do the Dirty Work
Stop the undifferentiated heavy lifting!
PostLean Apps Part 2: The Elements of a Lean App
Defining the ideal model of what a software application should look like
PostMy first 30 days at Vendia
Caroll Casbeer, Head of Growth Marketing, shares her thoughts on her first 30 days at Vendia — from onboarding to an offsite.
PostThe Global Supply Chain is Broken. Can Blockchain Help?
Enterprise blockchain adoption is slowly but steadily progressing
PostLean Apps Part 1: Lessons from the Past
Build software based on customer value, not technological ownership
PostThe Lean App Movement
Optimize for outcomes that matter – not pointless, repetitive drudgery
PostMulti-party data sharing with control
Learn how Vendia Share's access controls enable trusted and secure real-time data sharing among partners across clouds with insights from our Solutions Architecture team.
PostHow to scale your data ecosystem with Vendia Share
Bring multiple data partners from your business network into a controlled, compliant real-time data sharing platform in just minutes with this tutorial from the Solution Architecture team.
PostWhy we combined GraphQL and a serverless distributed ledger
Learn why Vendia selected GraphQL as Vendia' Share's primary interface and how it can improve your development experience with Vendia Share with context from Brian McNamara, Sr. Solutions Architect.
PostApplying Domain Driven Design (DDD) to blockchains
Discover 4 DDD Patterns for your next distributed ledger or permissioned private blockchain created on the Vendia Share data platform with insights from Vikrant Kahlir, Tech Lead for Data and Web3.
PostReal-Time cross-cloud data sharing
Understand event-driven processing using Vendia Share's new Azure capabilities with insights from James Gimourginas, Director of Solution Architecture and Customer Success.
PostSchema Evolution
Exploring the ability to update the data model in a Universal Application (Uni)
PostVendia's Response to CVE-2021-44228
A note on the impact to Vendia and our customers
PostAnnouncing Azure support, smart contracts, and new pricing plans for Vendia Share
Today, we are excited to announce a new set of features for Vendia Share to further help developers build secure, decentralized data applications. Let’s jump into some of the new features.
PostAuthenticating Vendia Share Requests Using SAML
Learn how to use existing SAML identity providers to work with Vendia Share
PostWebsite Case Studies
Learn what Vendia customers and partners are building on the Share platform
PostA Serverless Distributed Ledger for Enterprises
HICSS Talk Summary & Full Research Paper
PostOpen Beta Changes
Changes to Vendia Share in advance of the Open Beta
PostFive Leadership Practices of an Ultramarathoner
How to win the long game, as demonstrated by Kevin Durdle, Vendia's Ultramarathoner and Director of Software Development
PostToward a Distributed Application Maturity Model
A Maturity Model to help you assess the strengths and weaknesses of the distributed applications used by your organization.
PostSharing Data with Fine-grained Control
Defining Data Access Among Partners in a Universal Application
PostVendia's Inspiring Vision
Vendia will cause a paradigm shift that will impact many distributed solutions, which is what attracted me to join the team.
PostVendia Named a 2021 Gartner Cool Vendor in Cloud Computing
Vendia is included in Gartner's May 2021 Cool Vendors in Cloud Computing report
PostDon't Rip and Replace - Integrate
Use Vendia Share to Complement Existing Data Stores.
PostVendia Turns 1
Vendia celebrates its first year as a C-corporation
PostAnnouncing Vendia Share DLQ Support
Vendia Share now reports failed transactions
PostAnnouncing Vendia Share Indexing Feature
Vendia Share now support customer indices to improve data retrieval performance
PostSharing Files in Vendia Share Unis
Sharing data across different organizations, accounts, and regions used to be hard...but Vendia Share Universal Apps make it easy
PostCreating a Cross Region Serverless Application in 5 Minutes
Generating and sharing data with multiple parties in a consistent manner across geographic regions is hard. Vendia Share makes it trivial.
PostHow Vendia leverages the AWS CDK to dynamically provision cloud infrastructure
How Vendia uses the AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK) and AWS CloudFormation to dynamically provision cloud infrastructure on behalf of their customers.
PostAnnouncing the Vendia Share Developer Preview!
Vendia is excited to announce the launch of our Developer Preview release for Vendia Share, enabling developers to experience the platform at no cost. Vendia is also pleased to announce the completion of our Series A investment, led by Canvas Ventures.
PostVendia Announces Series A Investment
Vendia is excited to announce the completion of a $15.5M Series A investment, led by Canvas Ventures with participation from BMW i Ventures, Sorenson Ventures, and our existing seed investors
PostUnderstanding Decentralization in the Cloud
In this post we explore how to think about the concept of decentralization in the cloud, and what it means from a trust and ownership perspective.
PostSTAMTI: A New Model for Delivering Cloud-based Services
In this post learn more about STAMTI (single-tenanted accounts on multi-tenanted infrastructure) and how it enables companies like Vendia to deliver services that are simultaneously easy for customers to adopt and use while still being secure, operationally isolated, and cost efficient.
PostGetting Started With Vendia Share
Ready to share code and data across accounts, regions, clouds, and partners? Ready to use any service from any cloud provider to build upon your real-time data? This post will get you started with everything you need to learn about unis and how to develop with Vendia Share
PostTrack & Trace Quickstart - Solving supply chain visibility through data sharing
How to manage logistics across multiple parties regardless of their location and technology stack; forming the foundation of a real-world risk-management focused supply chain system.
PostKind Humans Really Work Here
Putting a company policy to the test
PostAWS Serverless Express Finds a Loving Home at Vendia
The AWS Serverless Express open source project graduates from AWS Labs and is now sponsored by Vendia
PostTools That Shape Products
How do the tools we have available shape what we build?
PostTrack and Trace using Vendia Unis + Blobs
Learn about how Vendia Unis + Blobs functionality can help streamline common supply chain track & trace issues
PostMeet Vendia's founders
Meet Tim Wagner Vendia's CEO and Shruthi Rao Vendia's Vendia CBO
PostWelcome to Vendia
Our mission is to make it easy to share code and data across companies, cloud, geographies, and technology stacks.