Use real time operational data to fuel real time actions, based on an always consistent golden record and OOB insights. Augment operational systems via bi-directional exchange of data from internal systems or partners, trigger event-based actions into or from transaction systems and/or analytical data warehouses/data lakes.

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Having an always consistent single source-of-truth is critical for timely decision making, by any party in the ecosystem. Whether it is financial transactions, airline ticketing, or inventory status, accuracy, completeness, and up-to-date information are all key to making better informed decisions.

Shared data between multiple parties or systems is ledgered, always consistent and synchronized, ensuring everyone has the auditable single source-of-truth. The real-time synchronization is achieved through highly performant and scalable consensus protocol in a decentralized architecture. The platform supports multiple data formats, including files, with full ACID support. Bring your own JSON data schema, and the platform translates it into a configurable data model. Plus, with schema evolution capabilities, it’s easy to evolve the data model quickly as the business needs change.

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With partner data synchronized in real-time, you can operationalize actions with event driven workflows triggered by changes in partner data. Our platform’s event-based architecture and GraphQL APIs, enable you to trigger actions in source and destination systems, with-in or outside your four walls, hyper-automating your business ecosystem.

This allows you and your partners to respond to changes in real-time, thereby reducing cost & improving agility in your business operations. You can also build applications on top of smart contracts for partner trust & transparency.

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Traditionally, companies run their Machine Learning algorithms or business critical reporting on a subset of useful data. Vendia offers enhanced analytical intelligence with OOB insights, and ability to mine partner augmented data via machine learning tools, data lakes, and data warehouse systems of your choice. Redacted PII data with anonymization helps business analysts and data scientists to run compliant queries and analytics at scale.

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Collaborate and share with control, ensuring full auditability of every single transaction. A policy engine that enables you to enforce RBAC with built-in AuthZ and AuthN. Ensure data ownership, sovereignty, privacy, consent (right to forget), and automatic compliance with SOC2, GDPR, CCPA & PCI.

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Immediate value realization, with quick onboarding of parties, harmonized multi-format data sharing, with global multi-cloud resilience, all in a low-code/no-code platform. Built-in APIs, universal adapters, and transformation capabilities, for instant data collaboration.