Quickstart: Track and trace for solving supply chain visibility problems

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We are excited to introduce our new Track and Trace Quickstart Guide.

This Quickstart will walk you through creating a distributed supply chain system using Vendia Share. Once deployed, you will interact with your new supply-chain system to simulate tracking and tracing capabilities from the point of view of manufacturers, shippers, and storefronts.

Why track and trace?

It’s happened to all of us. We buy something online at a big box store, opt for free shipping with tracking, and for one reason or another, our package never arrives. It can be a frustrating experience, especially when the package is marked as delivered or other data discrepancies make tracking your item an impossibility.

$46B is a lot of money

In the corporate world, manufacturers, shipping agencies, and storefronts all have a stake in the tracking of goods. In the United States alone, the annual cost due to loss of inventory, shipping errors, theft, and damage, may reach more than $46 billion dollars.

Shrinkage, which is the loss of inventory, is a critical focus of corporate logistics and risk management programs. To address the problem, corporate strategy and budgeting processes often introduce new systems that must be integrated, tested, operationalized, and maintained. This results in large investments of human resources and digital solutions, often at great expense.

What if there is a better way?

Vendia Unis for better tracking through data sharing

Indeed, there is a better way to solve track and traceability using Vendia’s Universal Applications (Unis). See it in action! Try the new Track and Trace Quickstart.

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