Overview briefs

Vendia for data monetization brief

Accelerate your data monetization journey with a streamlined, scalable solution

Tablet, meeting and partnership with business people working in an office as a team for research. Technology, planning or teamwork with a man and woman employee reading information in the workplace.

Vendia and KPMG joint overview brief

Vendia and KPMG deliver automated solutions for banking and financial services

"Discover the insights of a successful businessman as he analyzes market trends on his tablet. Stay ahead in the business world with expert strategies and innovative solutions

Vendia for financial services brief

Learn how Vendia delivers end-to-end automation and data risk management solution for banking and financial services.

Vendia image for banking and financial services

Vendia platform brief

Learn how the Vendia platform gives business and IT leaders a universal solution to integrate, reconcile, analyze, activate and observe data for the entire ecosystem.


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