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Our mission

Our company name, Vendia, comes from "Venn Diagram." Our name reflects our core mission — helping customers automate data across companies, clouds, and technology stacks. But it also reflects how we show up as individuals with unique skills and experiences, coming together to create something amazing.

Data sprawl affects every company, and is a limiting reagent to a successful digital and cloud journey. Responsible, compliant, real-time data collaboration has the power to transform industries, customer experiences, and communities — all for the better. At Vendia. we want to live in a world where there’s far more time, talent, and money spent on indisputable truth, earned trust, and valuable innovation.

Responsible, compliant, real-time data collaboration has the power to transform industries, customer experiences, and communities — all for the better.


Vendia 2019 to 2023 milestones

Our Values

Here’s an overview of the five values that make us great: Trust, ingenuity, growth, responsibility, and results
(or TIGRR 🐯 if you’re feeling sassy).


We build trust with customers and each other by working as a team, operating with transparency, and using good judgment.


We embrace tough questions with curiosity, and we’re always learning. We’re creative, inventive, and trailblazing.


We are builders with a growth mindset. We don’t settle. Instead, we strive and continuously improve in all that we do.


We own our successes and failures. We respectfully question each other, ask for feedback, and speak up if concerns arise.


We GSD. Outcomes-focused, we balance speed with control. We think big, take calculated risks, and deliver reliably.

Fun facts about Vendia


Avg. reduction in manual, multi-source data reconciliation costs


Avg. reduction in time spent investigating and resolving data inconsistencies


Avg. single customer savings in Year One

+50% MoM

Avg. increase in customer API calls to deliver an up-to-date, auto-reconciled golden record

11 - 4 - 3

Our remote-first team of kind humans operates across 11 U.S. states, four countries, and three continents

Our executives

Tim Wagner

CEO and co-founder

Shruthi Rao, Vendia Chief Business Officer

Shruthi Rao

CBO and co-founder

Nitesh Arora, Vendia VP of Marketing

Nitesh Arora

Vice President, Marketing

Ashish Yajnik, Vendia SVP of Product

Ashish Yajnik

Chief Product Officer

Our board members

Swaroop 'Kittu' Kolluri, Vendia Board Member

Swaroop 'Kittu' Kolluri

Founder & Managing Director, Neotribe Ventures

Gary Little, Vendia Board Member

Gary Little

Co-founder, Canvas Ventures

David Yoo Partner, NewView Capital

David Yoo

Partner, NewView Capital

Vidya Raman, Vendia Board Member

Vidya Raman

Partner, Sorenson Ventures

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Vendia Investor Neotribe
Vendia Investor Canvas Ventures
Vendia Investor NewView Capital
Vendia Investor Sorenson
Vendia Investor Aspenwood Ventures
Vendia Investor BMW iVentures

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