Product release notes

Data Security, New Explorer, and Vendia Orgs
A release focusing on Data Security, Vendia's new GraphQL editor, and Vendia Orgs.
No more creating unis in the wrong namespace and better CI/CD process
A release focusing on improved UI and additional CLI options
Tightened Security and Less Timeouts
We now have even better security and less timeouts!
Handling errors the GraphQL way and adding more results to your queries
We've updated response status codes and now allow up to 1000 results per query.
We're .COMical, Neatly Nested, and More
Vendia is on .com, allows filtering on any nested attribute, updated SDK defaults, and enhanced experience within GraphQL Explorer
Giving You Even More Control
Vendia Share now supports defining ACLs on arrays and brings a new design to the UI
Staying Cool This Summer with New Features and Improvements
Result sorting, enhanced schema evolution, improved ingestion and consensus performance, geo-blocking and more
Improved Security, Performance and Transparency
Vendia Share supports more seure API Keys, JWT authentication, low latency operations, and Vendia Metrics.
Developer Experience Improvements: a New SDK, Sync Mutations, and Invite Flow
Vendia Share now has a Typescript SDK, new synchronous mutations and an improved node invite flow.
At Your Request: Managing Nodes, Bigger Files, and AWS Marketplace!
Vendia Share now supports node departure, 5GB file sharing, and can be purchased on the AWS Marketplace
Improved User Experience and Developer Experience
Vendia Share Node Details View gets a New Look, and Smart Contracts Editor improves developer productivity
Improved Usability, Reliability, and Speed…as a Service
We operate and maintain the Vendia Share platform as a service so you don't have to
Improving Smart Contracts Validation
Delivering improved validation and error handling
A Sleigh Full of New Features
Smart contracts, a pay-as-you-go pricing plan, the beta release of Azure support, and more!
New Features and a Fresh Look for the Vendia Share Web Application
We're excited to share the new Vendia Share user interface with you
What's that "csp" property doing in my Uni info configuration?
A first step toward an announcement we'll be able to share in the weeks ahead
Namespaces, Types, GraphQL Enums, and More!
Changes that will greatly improve data modeling capabilities for our users