Get to know the #kindhumans at Vendia through company announcements, values, and culture

Team spotlight: Vendia Software Development
Get to know some of our world-class software developers and engineers with pedigrees from AWS, Netlify, Stripe, Mulesoft, Tealium, Gitlab, Microsoft, and more…and see what it’s like to be a part of Vendia.
My first 60 days: Trust is the chain that connects everything else
Li Dai, Sr. Solutions Architect, shares his top three observations (and delights) from his first 60 days on our remote-first tech startup. Get to know Li, and learn if you’d thrive at Vendia, too.
Introducing our new VP of Revenue, Josh Epstein
Meet Josh Epstein, Vendia's new VP of Revenue.
Creating a culture of learning
See some of our values in action as James Gimourginas, Director of Solutions Architecture at Vendia, shares the ways Vendia is creating a culture of learning for our colleagues and customers
Team spotlight: Vendia Engineering
Get to know some of our world-class engineers with pedigrees from AWS, Netlify, Stripe, Mulesoft, Tealium, Gitlab, Microsoft, and more…and see what it’s like to be a part of Vendia.
Veny’a doing it right
Explore Vendia’s culture with Francine Klein, Sr. Solutions Architect, as she shares her perspective on what makes working at Vendia like operating within a living, breathing Venn diagram.
The five values that make us Vendia
Learn more about Vendia’s values and culture, what motivates us, and how we show up every day for our customers and each other.
Why dedicate a company (and $50M in investor cash) to real-time data sharing solutions?
In this podcast episode of Circles of Trust, Vendia co-founders, Shruthi Rao and Tim Wagner, talk about why data sharing matters and why they founded Vendia.
How Vendia connects: 3 tips for a great company retreat when your team is remote-first
How do you drive the business, win employee engagement, and make time for both business and fun at your next company retreat? Renee Fujii, Head of Talent, shares three thoughtful tips.
How to think about your growth marketing tactics at a startup
Head of Growth Marketing, Caroll Casbeer, dives into tactics she used at Vendia to grow their marketing engine.
How to find your people: Notes on hiring and interviewing for kind humans
Our Head of Talent, Renee Fujii shares interview tips and our cultural philosophy in this post about how we hire people at the intersection of smart and kind.
How to get buy-in for a new brand identity
Our Head of Design, Hailey Nevins, shares the creative process and her top tips for developing a brand identity, especially when resources are lean and business priorities are revenue-focused.
Introducing our new brand identity
Get the first look at our new look and logo with insights from our founders on why, and why now.
Highlights from the GBTA Panel on blockchain for the travel industry
Learn about some of the key takeaways from the GBTA session on how blockchain is disrupting the travel industry with blockchain experts, Shruthi Rao of Vendia and Johnny Thorsen of Spotnana.
Vendia announces Series B funding
We've raised $30MM in series B funding to usher in the web3 era with our next-gen blockchain technology, for a total of $50MM in startup funding. Thank you to our investors, customers, fans, and team!
No more burnout: Reflections after 6 months at Vendia
Head of Design, Hailey Nevins, shares why she doesn't regret leaving the Fortune 100 tech industry to work for a startup.
My first 30 days at Vendia
Caroll Casbeer, Head of Growth Marketing, shares her thoughts on her first 30 days at Vendia — from onboarding to an offsite.
Five Leadership Practices of an Ultramarathoner
How to win the long game, as demonstrated by Kevin Durdle, Vendia's Ultramarathoner and Director of Software Development
Vendia's Inspiring Vision
Vendia will cause a paradigm shift that will impact many distributed solutions, which is what attracted me to join the team.
Vendia Named a 2021 Gartner Cool Vendor in Cloud Computing
Vendia is included in Gartner's May 2021 Cool Vendors in Cloud Computing report
Vendia turns 1
Vendia celebrates its first year as a C-corporation. Thank you to our customers, investors, employees, and the multitude of folks who've offered their help, advice, and insight along the way.
Kind humans really work here
Sr. Solutions Architect, Brian McNamara, reflects on his experience "putting a company policy to the test" when his family needed extra kindness and support.
Meet Vendia's founders
Meet Tim Wagner, Vendia's CEO, and Shruthi Rao, Vendia's CBO. They share their stories about how they came to partner as founders, and how Vendia came to life as an idea, a funded startup, and a breakthrough data sharing platform for the Web3 era.
Welcome to Vendia
Our mission is to make it easy to share code and data across companies, cloud, geographies, and technology stacks.