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4 requirements for supply chain traceability in partner data sharing
When it comes to supply chain management, business resiliency, and data traceability requirements, here's our guiding vision behind the Vendia Share solution for traceability use cases.
How to build a data ecosystem
Ready to build a sustainable cross-cloud data ecosystem? Explore our five-step guide, including elements of an effective data ecosystem, plus examples and use cases of ecosystems across industries.
Does your data build or break trust?
Circles of Trust guest Joyce Clinton of MUFG Bank shares real talk on the challenges and opportunities her team of 26 has closing the books and transforming data.
Team spotlight: Vendia Software Development
Get to know some of our world-class software developers and engineers with pedigrees from AWS, Netlify, Stripe, Mulesoft, Tealium, Gitlab, Microsoft, and more…and see what it’s like to be a part of Vendia.
3 things to do right now for better supply chain visibility
What does it take to break data silos and build a trustworthy connected data ecosystem that ensures track and traceability and compliance with supply chain partners up and downstream? Consider these three principles for your business and data strategy.
How to improve supply chain visibility
Explore supply chain visibility challenges and discover three strategies for improving multi-party data sharing and management in the name of visibility.
Circles of Trust: Season 1 recap
Find your favorite episode from Season 1 of our podcast, Circles of Trust: Real talk on real-time data sharing. We talk with everyone from our founders to data strategy leaders in financial services, healthcare manufacturing, sports and entertainment, social justice, and animal welfare.
6 predictions about the future of blockchain in 2023
Where is blockchain headed in 2023? We surveyed our founders, solutions architects, and key leaders for their insights and hot takes.
How top financial institutions improve offerings, servicing, and operations with controlled multi-party data sharing
In this episode of Circles of Trust, Brian Kale and James Gimourginas talk with Tim Zonca about the complexities of data sharing in financial services and the impact better data sharing has on customers and the financial institutions serving them.
Connecting pets and their humans: How Best Friends Animal Society uses data sharing to connect pets to their human families, faster
Angela Embree, retired CIO of Best Friends Animal Society, talks about the lifesaving power of data sharing across thousands of animal shelters and its impact on helping pets find their humans faster.
Patient experience with teeth: How the world's leading dental laboratory uses data sharing to improve healthcare
Robert Edwards, Director of Software Development at Glidewell Laboratories, talks about the challenges and pending promise of real-time data sharing across the medical device value chain.
Team spotlight: Vendia Engineering
Get to know some of our world-class engineers with pedigrees from AWS, Netlify, Stripe, Mulesoft, Tealium, Gitlab, Microsoft, and more…and see what it’s like to be a part of Vendia.
Worlds colliding: The new, unstoppable impact of analytics and operational data sharing at scale
Erin Kelly, SVP at Kraft Analytics Group and Francine Klein, Sr. Solutions Architect, discuss connecting analytics and operational data worlds, at scale, with data alliances.
Why is supply chain visibility important?
Supply chain visibility helps organizations make faster decisions with better outcomes. See how SCV data can add efficiency and better serve customers with insights from Vikrant Kahlir, Tech Lead.
The five values that make us Vendia
Learn more about Vendia’s values and culture, what motivates us, and how we show up every day for our customers and each other.
Why dedicate a company (and $50M in investor cash) to real-time data sharing solutions?
In this podcast episode of Circles of Trust, Vendia co-founders, Shruthi Rao and Tim Wagner, talk about why data sharing matters and why they founded Vendia.
Guide to real-time data sharing vendor types
Want to scale up and streamline your real-time data sharing capabilities? Explore five common vendor approaches and compare and contrast them with Vendia Share.
How to think about your growth marketing tactics at a startup
Head of Growth Marketing, Caroll Casbeer, dives into tactics she used at Vendia to grow their marketing engine.
The great equalizer: How data sharing can help communities overcome social inequities
Meme Styles, Founder and President of MEASURE, discusses how better research and data sharing empower communities with new, unbiased narratives that help solve complex social problems.
Obstacles to real-time data sharing
Some obstacles to real-time, multi-party data sharing are built into common data infrastructure. Other obstacles come from fearful business mindsets. Learn new ideas on how you can face both types of obstacles.
Roundup: Real-time data sharing
Get our most popular and helpful content on real-time data sharing, data lakes, and data mesh in this resource roundup.
How Atos streamlined the reinsurance process and built trust among financial services partners
Atos adopts Vendia to create a single source of truth across reinsurance partners and lauds low code development and distributed ledger design.
New podcast: Circles of Trust launching this fall Draft post
Get real talk on real-time data sharing, the perfect brain food for innovation evangelists, business strategists, passionate developers, and next-gen technology fans..
Kind is not weak, kind is strong Draft post
What makes Vendia culture strong and what fuels our dedication to excellence? Hear from Vikrant Kahlir, Principal Tech Lead for Industry Solutions on the power and practice of kindness.
Introducing our new brand identity
Get the first look at our new look and logo with insights from our founders on why, and why now.
Introduction to B2B data sharing with Vendia Share
Learn about B2B data sharing use cases, benefits, challenges, and different approaches for securely and reliably sharing data in a real-time, multi-party data ecosystem.
How Serverless and cloud enable scalable blockchains
Get key takeaways from our webcast featuring AWS Serverless Hero Dr. Peter Sbarski’s interviewing Dr. Tim Wagner, Vendia’s co-founder and the inventor of Serverless and AWS Lambda
What is operational data sharing?
Data systems share operational data to monitor the machinations of daily business. Let’s look at four unique use cases and compare operational data to analytical data.
3 core use cases for Vendia Share in the semiconductor industry
How to reduce supply chain complexity and improve business outcomes with distributed ledger technology (and without sacrificing a climate-stable future)
NEW low latency operations and Vendia Metrics
We're excited to announce two new features on Vendia Share: Low latency operations for better read-after-write performance and Vendia Metrics for insights into the operational health of your Uni and Nodes.
Solve for supply chain traceability with Vendia Share
Learn how private, permissioned blockchain helps manufacturers solve data traceability challenges and securely exchange data with supply chain partners using the semiconductor industry as an example.
4 insights on the future of CRM data sharing
Webinar highlights: Salesforce MVP Rebecca Lammers talks with James Gimourginas, Director of Solutions Architecture and Customer Success on the challenges and solutions for CRM data sharing.
Vendia guest contributor program
Create a tutorial using Vendia as part of our "Write for Vendia Program." Participants receive a $500 Visa gift card.
Why CRM data sharing is business critical
Sharing data between multiple CRM systems is helping organizations realize superior business outcomes, more so with the availability of robust multi-party CRM data sharing solutions.
Vendia announces Series B funding
We've raised $30MM in series B funding to usher in the web3 era with our next-gen blockchain technology, for a total of $50MM in startup funding. Thank you to our investors, customers, fans, and team!
Data types 101: Real-time data vs. analytical data
What is real-time data? How is it used? How does it compare to other popular data types like analytical or real-time analytical data?
Add Data via SFTP to Vendia Share
Send a CSV via SFTP to add data to your Uni
13 features you need to evaluate a business blockchain platform
When evaluating a blockchain solution (or trying to fix a failed blockchain initiative), there are 13 key features and questions IT and innovation leaders should investigate before investing in new infrastructure.
My first 30 days at Vendia
Caroll Casbeer, Head of Growth Marketing, shares her thoughts on her first 30 days at Vendia — from onboarding to an offsite.
The global supply chain is broken — can blockchain help?
Multi-party data sharing with fine-grained controls is gaining traction with more and more organizations looking to resolve failed blockchain initiatives with next-gen enterprise blockchain solutions.
Applying Domain Driven Design (DDD) to blockchains
Discover 4 DDD Patterns for your next distributed ledger or permissioned private blockchain created on the Vendia Share data platform with insights from Vikrant Kahlir, Tech Lead for Data and Web3.
How to share Files in Vendia Share Unis
Sharing data across different organizations, accounts, and regions used to be hard. This step-by-step example shows how Vendia Share makes it easy to share files in Unis and how to share files with other participants in a Uni while controlling read and write permissions.
The developer's punchlist for getting started with Vendia Share
Ready to share code and data across accounts, regions, clouds, and partners? Ready to use any service from any cloud provider to build upon your real-time data? This post will get you started with everything you need to learn about unis and how to develop with Vendia Share
Quickstart: Track and trace for solving supply chain visibility problems
Use this Vendia Share Track and Trace Quickstart for managing logistics across multiple parties, regardless of their location and technology stack.
How tools impact products for real-time, multi-party data sharing
Beginning with a single server and a SQL database, we cover the tradeoffs needed to build a system that all the parties involved can trust and use to make transactions.
Track and trace using Vendia Unis and Blobs
Learn how Vendia Share's Unis and Blobs functionality can help streamline common supply chain track & trace issues.
Meet Vendia's founders
Meet Tim Wagner, Vendia's CEO, and Shruthi Rao, Vendia's CBO. They share their stories about how they came to partner as founders, and how Vendia came to life as an idea, a funded startup, and a breakthrough data sharing platform for the Web3 era.
Welcome to Vendia
Our mission is to make it easy to share code and data across companies, cloud, geographies, and technology stacks.