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Team spotlight: Vendia Software Development
Get to know some of our world-class software developers and engineers with pedigrees from AWS, Netlify, Stripe, Mulesoft, Tealium, Gitlab, Microsoft, and more…and see what it’s like to be a part of Vendia.
3 things to do right now for better supply chain visibility
What does it take to break data silos and build a trustworthy connected data ecosystem that ensures track and traceability and compliance with supply chain partners up and downstream? Consider these three principles for your business and data strategy.
Circles of Trust: Season 1 recap
Find your favorite episode from Season 1 of our podcast, Circles of Trust: Real talk on real-time data sharing. We talk with everyone from our founders to data strategy leaders in financial services, healthcare manufacturing, sports and entertainment, social justice, and animal welfare.
6 predictions about the future of blockchain in 2023
Where is blockchain headed in 2023? We surveyed our founders, solutions architects, and key leaders for their insights and hot takes.
Connecting pets and their humans: How Best Friends Animal Society uses data sharing to connect pets to their human families, faster
Angela Embree, retired CIO of Best Friends Animal Society, talks about the lifesaving power of data sharing across thousands of animal shelters and its impact on helping pets find their humans faster.
Team spotlight: Vendia Engineering
Get to know some of our world-class engineers with pedigrees from AWS, Netlify, Stripe, Mulesoft, Tealium, Gitlab, Microsoft, and more…and see what it’s like to be a part of Vendia.
Guide to real-time data sharing vendor types
Want to scale up and streamline your real-time data sharing capabilities? Explore five common vendor approaches and compare and contrast them with Vendia Share.
Obstacles to real-time data sharing
Some obstacles to real-time, multi-party data sharing are built into common data infrastructure. Other obstacles come from fearful business mindsets. Learn new ideas on how you can face both types of obstacles.
How Serverless and cloud enable scalable blockchains
Get key takeaways from our webcast featuring AWS Serverless Hero Dr. Peter Sbarski’s interviewing Dr. Tim Wagner, Vendia’s co-founder and the inventor of Serverless and AWS Lambda
NEW low latency operations and Vendia Metrics
We're excited to announce two new features on Vendia Share: Low latency operations for better read-after-write performance and Vendia Metrics for insights into the operational health of your Uni and Nodes.
4 insights on the future of CRM data sharing
Webinar highlights: Salesforce MVP Rebecca Lammers talks with James Gimourginas, Director of Solutions Architecture and Customer Success on the challenges and solutions for CRM data sharing.
Data types 101: Real-time data vs. analytical data
What is real-time data? How is it used? How does it compare to other popular data types like analytical or real-time analytical data?
How to share Files in Vendia Share Unis
Sharing data across different organizations, accounts, and regions used to be hard. This step-by-step example shows how Vendia Share makes it easy to share files in Unis and how to share files with other participants in a Uni while controlling read and write permissions.
The developer's punchlist for getting started with Vendia Share
Ready to share code and data across accounts, regions, clouds, and partners? Ready to use any service from any cloud provider to build upon your real-time data? This post will get you started with everything you need to learn about unis and how to develop with Vendia Share
NEW Track and Trace Quickstart for solving supply chain visibility problems
Use this Vendia Share Track and Trace Quickstart for managing logistics across multiple parties, regardless of their location and technology stack.
How tools impact products for real-time, multi-party data sharing
Beginning with a single server and a SQL database, we cover the tradeoffs needed to build a system that all the parties involved can trust and use to make transactions.
Track and trace using Vendia Unis and Blobs
Learn how Vendia Share's Unis and Blobs functionality can help streamline common supply chain track & trace issues.