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Business people, hands and writing in office meeting for planning, calendar or agenda on sticky note. Plan, visual and creative person team in collaboration for solution, brainstorming and innovation.
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Business people, hands and writing in office meeting for planning, calendar or agenda on sticky note. Plan, visual and creative person team in collaboration for solution, brainstorming and innovation.

If you prefer the TL;DR or engage with podcasts more than blogs, join our community of innovation leaders and disruptive developers for Season 1 of our new podcast, Circles of Trust: Real talk on real-time data sharing.

Real-time data sharing 101

What is real-time data sharing?

Tim Wagner, Vendia co-founder and CEO, explores foundational concepts like what we mean when we say “real-time” data sharing examples of real-time data sharing and builds them out into helpful tips like platform and vendor requirements for real-time data sharing solutions…and more. Check it out

Elements of a real-time data sharing solution

Anders Maul, Head of Product Marketing gives you and your stakeholders the broad strokes on why real-time data sharing has been so difficult and how our platform Vendia Share, improves real-time data sharing so your enterprise can automate and accelerate data workflows across business networks by facilitating secure, trusted, and controlled data exchange between multiple parties. Read the post

Introduction to B2B data sharing with Vendia

Vikrant Kahlir, Vendia’s Principal Tech Lead for Data and Web3, ​​reminds us that data is the oil of the digital era, and while tech titans like Amazon, and Google are showing other companies how to create new business models and revenue streams from data, most enterprises aren’t tech titans. So how can can other companies create data alliances and leverage their data ecosystem to share data to create new value? Get the insights

Real-time data sharing 201

Real-time data sharing: Pros and cons

Head of Product Marketing, Anders Maul, shares some common use cases for real-time data sharing, including mortgage servicing and automotive manufacturing along with the top three advantages and challenges in real-time data sharing. Take a look

Understanding real-time data lakes

Francine Klein, Senior Solutions Architect, paints a colorful picture to help explain real-time data lakes, including data lakes and real-time data streaming, data lake architecture, data lakes vs. a data warehouse, and more. (You’ll never look at your sock drawer the same way.) Dive right in

Real-time data sharing 301

Improve your data mesh with real-time data sharing

James Gimourginas, Director of Solutions Architecture and Customer Success, explains how a data mesh rethinks modern enterprise data architecture, restructuring enterprise data platform architectures around domains and makes data products a top-priority output. Learn how to overcome the persistent challenges of real-time data sharing and improve your next-gen data mesh. Read the post

Real-time cross-cloud data sharing for enterprises

Director of Solutions Architecture and Customer Success James Gimourginas explains how to make integrating real-time data with Microsoft Azure services easier than ever before. He highlights our Azure capabilities from both a cross-cloud data sharing and event-driven programming perspective. See the details

How to effectively address the challenges of real-time data sharing at the enterprise level

Vendia co-founder and CEO Tim Wagner unpacks the challenges and solutions for effective real-time data sharing at the enterprise level in this three-part series originally featured in The New Stack. Dig in for a look at the key tenets for the real-time data mesh and three deployment approaches and get what you need to to effectively evaluate real-time daft sharing solutions (from the Father of Serverless, himself). Explore the series

New podcast: Master Class on real-time data sharing

We can’t help but geek out on all things related to real-time data sharing, and we’re glad you do, too.

Get a Master Class in real-time data sharing with our podcast, Circles of Trust for real talk on real-time data sharing.

We explore the power of data and data sharing to deliver everything from real-time traceability in multi-party commerce to socio-economic justice in the face of health, education, criminal justice, and economic inequities.

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