Vendia charts course for Milaha’s maritime ecosystem transformation

Vendia press release Milaha
Vendia press release Milaha

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San Francisco, Calif., Feb 27, 2024Vendia, a leading data automation cloud provider, today announced that Milaha, a leading maritime and logistics company based in Qatar, has chosen Vendia's secure and trusted data automation platform to develop solutions aimed at reducing the administrative burden of processing vessel services during port calls. Vendia had been selected as part of Qatar Research, Development, and Innovation Council’s (QRDI) Open Innovation Program aimed at fostering innovative technological solutions to industry problems in Qatar.

Milaha and the QRDI Council selected Vendia for these key reasons:

  • User-centric design and intuitive platform: Vendia's user-friendly interface and simple onboarding process empower the entire ecosystem to adopt the solution quickly and efficiently.
  • Scalability and agility for complex operations: Vendia's platform easily handles large data volumes across diverse stakeholders within Qatar’s intricate maritime and logistics ecosystem.
  • Low-code, no-code integrations to empower all teams: Vendia offered a solution that was easy to deploy and maintain without in-depth software development or heavy technical expertise.
  • Secure and trusted data automation built on distributed ledger technology: Vendia's distributed ledger technology ensures secure, transparent, and immutable data sharing, addressing a critical need for all stakeholders.

Milaha's pilot with Vendia generated significant efficiency gains in crew management, insurance verification, and post-departure vessel invoicing. The pilot saw a measurable reduction in administrative burdens, reducing working capital times between 20-30%. These pilot findings lay the groundwork for a greater shift in operational efficiency, saving countless hours and creating the potential to free up large amounts of working capital across the entire sector.

"Vendia's speed and ease of use are truly remarkable," Niall Shanbhag, Spokesperson for Milaha commented, emphasizing the platform’s ability to seamlessly implement and standardize diverse data sets across the ecosystem. "The pilot's positive impact has leaders eager to unlock even more efficiencies and possibilities. We're thrilled to deploy and expand on this successful pilot to bring even more stakeholders on board with the vision of driving great operational efficiency across the Qatar ecosystem.”

“Milaha is a proven maritime leader known for its commitment to innovation and transformation and we are delighted they selected Vendia as a partner,” said Tim Wagner, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Vendia. “We're excited to deliver solutions that streamline operations, unlock new efficiencies, and fuel their continued success. This represents a significant step forward in innovating Qatar’s maritime ecosystem, and we look forward to pushing the boundaries of technology in the years to come.”

Recognized as a leading innovator, Vendia proudly joins Web Summit Qatar ‘24 and will be at the QRDI Pavilion from February 26-29.

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About Vendia
Vendia is the future of collective data intelligence, combining smart APIs, databases, and distributed ledger technology inside a single platform. Vendia’s data automation cloud makes it easy to share data inside and outside of the organization in real time and with full visibility, governance, and control. Companies such as BMW, Delta Airlines, Resolution Life Insurance, and Fannie Mae use Vendia to automate contextual and compliant data flows between any-to-any systems for a harmonized, accurate view of data that unlocks speed, innovation, and cost savings.

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About Milaha
Milaha is one of the largest and most diversified maritime and logistics companies in the Middle East with a focus on providing marine transport and services, as well as supply chain solutions.

Milaha was established in 1957 as the first public shareholding company registered in the State of Qatar. Starting off as a small shipping agency, Milaha has transformed itself into one of the largest and most diversified maritime & logistics companies in the Middle East. The company has operations spanning marine transportation in gas and containers, offshore support services, port management and operations, logistics and supply chain services, shipyard, trading agencies, and real estate & financial investments. Learn more at