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James Gimourginas
James Gimourginas
Director of Solution Architecture

One of the most compelling aspects of Vendia’s inspiring vision is that we allow our customers to do what wasn’t possible before. For some of our customers, the primary limitation preventing the art of the possible is technical. By adopting a comprehensive platform like Vendia Share, customers can quickly increase their distributed application development maturity and overcome their previous technical challenges. For other customers, the primary limitation preventing the art of the possible is mindset and traditional ways of working, based on years of solving the same problem in the same way with the same (sub-optimal) set of partners. Vendia Share makes cross-party collaboration possible and easily accessible, allowing a shift in mindset from highly complex/highly expensive/highly centralized to less complex/less expensive/decentralized and shared.

Vendia enables customers to pursue the art of the possible by enabling a technical shift and a mindset shift. One of my favorite parts of my role at Vendia is helping customers and partners work through the end-to-end journey from long standing challenge, to innovative new approach or business idea, to real-life solution. Thanks to the Share platform, that journey can take less time and require less investment than many expect. What’s especially motivating is when others reinforce our story, based on their own successful use of the Share platform to build amazing new solutions. We’ve started to capture these success stories on our website and will continue to add to the collection in the months ahead. For now, we’ve started with two case studies: one from a customer and one from a partner.

One case study is customer focused, based on BMW’s use of Share to accelerate timelines and improve supply chain visibility. BMW used Vendia to track and reconcile defects in multiple parts of their supply chain. They and their partners gained better insight into each stage of their integrated supply chain and were able to more easily assign costs associated with damages. Thanks to the multi-partner distributed design of the solution, the solution provided greater transparency and improved efficiency for all parties involved.

A second case study is partner focused, based on Slalom’s use of Share with several different clients. Slalom saw Vendia as a way to help clients who were exploring Web3 use cases where data sharing or traceability needs were paramount. The teams involved were able to empower their clients with a platform that unlocks a new way of thinking about distributed applications, one that combines high throughput transaction processing at scale, a serverless distributed ledger, and the ability to integrate with cloud-native services.

The combination of serverless compute and serverless distributed ledger also led to a recent publication A Serverless Distributed Ledger for Enterprises, jointly authored by BMW and Vendia. The paper explores Vendia Share’s combination of “many of the decentralization benefits of conventional distributed ledger approaches with the advantages of multi-tenanted but centralized cloud services” and is certainly worth a thorough read. Vendia’s approach, which allows for high throughput, low complexity, and low-to-moderate cost, is contrasted with the known performance, complexity, and cost limitations of other enterprise distributed ledger implementations. Quite the contrast, with plenty of data supporting the case that Share is a best-in-class platform for the enterprise use case. You can find a more comprehensive summary of the research on our website.

We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished with our customers and partners over the last year and will continue to share more great success stories in the months ahead.


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