Accelerate innovation. Reduce costs.

Empower your team to drive industry level innovation at unprecedented speed powered by Vendia’s serverless distributed ledger.

Deliver differentiated experiences for your customers by harnessing the power of multiparty B2B data sharing at scale across your financial network.

Drive efficiency across traditionally manual and batch processes to streamline settlements and reconciliations and simplify audits and regulatory compliance.

A trusted, single source of truth

Gain a single source of truth across applications, datastores, and even partner systems of record.

Connect dispersed data in real-time.

Whether sharing data across applications, clouds, geographies, or companies, Vendia is designed to make it easy to share real-time data across those boundaries.

Real-time, operational data sharing

Vendia excels when sharing real-time, rapidly changing data.

With millisecond-level reads and over 70k TPS, you get the high scale and low latency required for sharing operational data, at scale, with partners around the world.

Deliver dynamic, personalized experiences

Move away from out-of-date, batch processed data, and bring customers a fast, personalized experience.

Give customers instantaneous settlements, personalized offers, up-to-date information – powered by a serverless distributed ledger.

Proven customer success

Our next-gen blockchain platform helps Fortune 1000 financial services organizations achieve breakthrough results across use cases.

Asset Tokenization & Securitization

Asset Tokenization & Securitization

Increase liquidity and represent physical assets on a blockchain with secure, traceable, and immutable digital tokens.

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Settlements & Payments

Settlements & Payments

Gain real-time transaction processing and reduce costs. Eliminate intermediaries, simplify infrastructure, and reduce errors.

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Digital Identity / KYC

Digital Identity / KYC

Streamline financial account management and integration and reduce exposure to fraud and money laundering through verified digital identity.

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Regulatory / Audit

Regulatory / Audit

Deliver faster and more accurate reporting with an automated compliance process that draws on immutable data records and allows auditors real-time access to the data they need.

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Why do so many data sharing projects fail?

Join co-founder Shruthi Rao for a discussion on why most blockchain projects fail.

She highlights how blockchain-as-a-service helps teams build scalable, trusted, data sharing networks. A must-watch for any teams considering blockchain or distributed ledger projects.

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