Power your control towers with real-time visibility using Vendia

Discover how Vendia eliminates data complexity for supply chain leaders through its all-in-one data automation platform​

Say goodbye to data complexity. This demonstration provides a glimpse into the extensive data automation capabilities of Vendia to help you unlock valuable insights across your network.

With Vendia you get:

  • Universal data automation: Easily integrate data from any partner- with any tech stack, cloud, or level of technical expertise
  • Instant reconciliation: Harmonize and reconcile your data automatically with built-in consensus protocols and universal data modeling
  • N-tier visibility: View and track entity journeys, lifecycles, and changes with full data lineage and a tamper-proof ledger
  • Real-time operational insights: Quickly act on real-time data syncs between your operational, analytical, and partner systems

  • Power your control towers
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