Vendia and Snowflake - Better Together

Data sharing meets data collaboration for a single source of truth across your partner data ecosystem

Learn how to enable data sharing and collaboration by combining Snowflake and Vendia for a single source of truth, no matter how robust or complex your data network. Together, the two platforms build a bridge across operational and analytical data worlds for real-time data availability and accuracy.

In this 30-minute webinar, you’ll learn how to

  • Reduce the costs and pain of building and maintaining back-and-forth data integrations

  • Eliminate the need to manually reconcile various data sets for a single version of the truth and easy, secure, compliant collaboration across teams, systems, and companies

  • Unlock a world in which there is no division between data “producers” and “consumers”

  • Achieve collaboration — with compliance and control — on operational data across parties outside your company walls

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