Modernizing data automation for Financial Services

Revolutionary data automation technology backed by industry-leading expertise

Financial services leaders know that having the right data isn’t synonymous with using it effectively—until now, that is. Combining powerful data automation technology with deep industry expertise, Vendia and KPMG empower financial institutions to put data to work seamlessly anywhere within, across, and outside their organization.

This joint overview brief outlines:

  • How Vendia’s data automation cloud delivers secure, controlled data sharing and seamless data automation across systems, clouds, applications, and partners.

  • KPMG’s heritage of banking, insurance, and financial services expertise, empowering financial institutions to stay ahead of every curve.

  • A selection of joint solutions and use cases that institutions partner with Vendia and KPMG to securely collaborate and lower third-party data risks.

  • Unlock end-to-end automation across Financial Services

    Unlock end-to-end automation across Financial Services