A Sleigh Full of New Features​

Smart contracts, a pay-as-you-go pricing plan, the beta release of Azure support, and more!​​

The Vendia team has been hard at work building out new features that we know will bring cheer to our users. We've been so busy and have so much to share that we've also created a blog post to delve into more details about each new feature.

Smart Contracts

Vendia Share makes it easy to share data and files among participants in a Uni. But sometimes sharing data alone isn't enough. Smart Contracts allow users to take action on data in a prescribed way, as data changes across partners, clouds, and regions, without having to build or maintain a complex eventing infrastructure.

Smart Contracts Create UI

Please see the new Smart Contracts docs for more information on how to use this powerful new feature and for more information on how Vendia Smart Contracts compare with smart contracts in other solutions.

User-Level Transactions

The new Vendia User-Level Transactions feature enables users to group multiple changes on multiple data values in a single transaction and guarantees that all updates are processed serially, in order, as an atomic unit. For those looking for an analog to relational database transactions in Share, this feature is for you! With this feature, Share takes a large step toward combining ACID semantics with a distributed serverless ledger. For more information on how to apply Vendia User-Level Transactions, see the docs.

Azure Support

Vendia Share now includes beta support for Microsoft Azure, making it easy for Share users to act on events from Share directly from their existing Azure accounts. This new functionality allows users to create integrations to Azure Queues, Azure Functions, and other Azure-specific services through the use of Azure Event Grid. This takes Vendia Share one step closer to realizing our vision of allowing users to securely share any data, on any cloud, with anyone – all in real-time.

Azure node

New Pricing Plans

We are also announcing pricing plans that meet customers' demand and allows them to scale their usage from single users through large enterprises. All pricing plans include these new features, along with the established capabilities for building and running highly scalable, fault-tolerant, cross-cloud, multi-account, multi-region, multi-party applications. Share is now available in three plans: Starter, Individual, and Enterprise. You can check out this comparison to help you identify the right plan for your business or you can get started for free.

Stay tuned for even more exciting release news in the weeks ahead. For now, enjoy these awesome new features!

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