Better Smart Contract And SSO Integration​

New features such as SSO integration and smart contract status tracking is now available. ​​

Vendia continues to empower its customers using its partner data cloud. 

Enhanced Smart Contract Monitoring

Smart contracts are a powerful Vendia feature. They allow custom business logic, implemented as an AWS Lambda function, to be executed in a user's own AWS account.  . With the latest release of Smart Contract functionality, users are able to better track the invocation status of their smart contracts. If something goes wrong in the execution process, error messages and logs will be available in transactions for easier debugging.

Simply click on the transaction for more details of your smart contract invocation.

Control Plane SSO for Enterprise Users

Nobody wants to manage different accounts on different platforms. It makes much more sense to be able to manage all those accounts in a single place, which is typically a company's existing Identity Provider (IdP). And so we are excited to announce that Vendia Share is now capable of Control Plane SSO integration with all leading IdPs. Reach out to your Vendia SA if you would like to have SSO enabled on your account!