Streamlined UI, enhanced auditability and governance, and more!

Smart contracts, a pay-as-you-go pricing plan, the beta release of Azure support, and more!​​


New Theme and Branding

Introducing the new branding and design of Vendia. Our application experience has been updated with our new brand colors, product visuals, and design elements.

Updated Sign In
Updated Uni View


See Recent Block Transactions

Looking for a rundown of recent block changes? Simply go to the “Recent Items” tab within your transaction history for a detailed summary of recent block updates.

Updated Recent Items

Track Historical Changes Across Entities

On top of helping you share data, another super power of the Vendia platform is keeping track of every change made to your data. Besides historical visibility at the entity or block level, you can now view the fine-grained history of object changes.

Updated Item Detail

Download Full Record History

Need more than just the high-level record? We’ve got you covered. You can now download expanded record content, including all historical data, as a single file.

Updated Download Full Record


Enhanced self-service for role-based access controls (RBAC)

Role-based access controls for organization accounts have been enhanced to offer seamless self-service setup options.

Updated Create Org 2
Updated Create Org

Sign up with a business email address containing the company domain, input your organization’s information, and then upload the company logo. You will get an email notification once the organization setup is complete, and a Vendia specialist will reach out to get you started and answer any questions.

View Access Across Nodes and Entities

The new, simplified user experience makes it easy to manage and track who has access to what. You have granular visibility by participant, making it easy to identify and manage their level of access to entities within a node.

Updated View Node Access

Creating Custom Sharing Policies at the Node Level

Reusable customized sharing policies for nodes let you templatize access controls across the organization, driving greater simplicity and ease of use.

Updated Sharing Policy

Check It Out On Your Own

Log in to Vendia to explore these new features. For additional resources, check out the following Vendia user documentation: