Unique identifiers, enhanced failure logs, and more!

Collaborate with greater choice and speed with unique identifier options, user insights, and easy filtering


Unique Identifiers

Unique identifiers are now generally available to all customers! Users can select the unique identifier of their choice directly in the UI or via JSON. The unique identifier will act as the primary key in traditional databases.

In the Vendia UI:

Unique identifiers via JSON:

Put and Upsert Capabilities

With the release of unique identifiers, users can also perform put and upsert actions within their entities. Check out Vendia’s user documentation to learn how.


Enhanced Failure Logs

Failure logs are now enhanced with additional user insights. New fields “reasonType” and “reasonText” have been added to DLQs for easier debugging in the event of failure.

Actor Field

Transactions have been enhanced to include the “actor” field. Now attached to every transaction, this new attribute contains the user or system that performed each transaction.


File Filtering

Filtering is now available to quickly find the files and information you need to access or share.

Check It Out On Your Own

Log in to Vendia to explore these new features. For additional resources, check out the following Vendia user documentation:

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