The guide for using business blockchain in the financial services industry

How to create a winning data and application strategy with distributed ledger technology

During the last ten years, blockchain technology — whether public or private — fell short of its potential to deliver financial institutions a trusted, golden, real-time record in a shared data ecosystem.

But business blockchain offers a way forward because, unlike initial solutions, these newer platforms are built for business use cases, and they meet the stringent requirements of financial services organizations.

Get our guide to learn more about the potential for business blockchain in financial services.

  • Understand the benefits and limitations of different blockchain types

  • Get best practices for integrating them with existing centralized IT architectures

  • Explore a mortgage servicing use case and other examples of how to accelerate business results and lower delivery costs and risks for data-centric projects

  • Get more familiar with how Vendia Share combines the trust of blockchain with the scale of the cloud, offering the fastest time to market for secure, operational data sharing
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