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Francine enjoys all-things data, particularly how to empower companies on how they build data-driven solutions with the right design, architecture, tools, processes, and, of course, people

Veny’a doing it right
Explore Vendia’s culture with Francine Klein, Sr. Solutions Architect, as she shares her perspective on what makes working at Vendia like operating within a living, breathing Venn diagram.
Your Customer 360 solution isn’t really 360
Senior Solutions Architect Francine Klein explains why months-long data initiatives intent upon a Customer 360 solution fail and shares what you can do about it. (Hint: Forget Salesforce)
Real-time “everything” with operational and analytics data
Break down the walls between operational and analytics for real-time data sharing, starting with a shared love language to translate between JSON and SQL.
Understanding real-time data lakes
Data lakes enable smarter apps and faster development. Let’s look at the basics of data lake architecture, use cases, benefits, and challenges