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Achieving end-to-end supply chain visibility with your data architecture
How to achieve supply chain visibility with data collaboration platforms and solutions.
4 requirements for supply chain traceability in partner data sharing
When it comes to supply chain management, business resiliency, and data traceability requirements, here's our guiding vision behind the Vendia Share solution for traceability use cases.
What do business data networks look like?
Explore the four phases of building data sharing networks. Plus, learn how the hub and spoke model helps leaders leverage business initiatives into a secure, compliant, and trusted data network.
A short history of business data networks
Learn how data sharing has evolved and how business and technology leaders can scale and optimize their data networks today and for the future
Does your data build or break trust?
Circles of Trust guest Joyce Clinton of MUFG Bank shares real talk on the challenges and opportunities her team of 26 has closing the books and transforming data.
3 things to do right now for better supply chain visibility
What does it take to break data silos and build a trustworthy connected data ecosystem that ensures track and traceability and compliance with supply chain partners up and downstream? Consider these three principles for your business and data strategy.
How to improve supply chain visibility
Explore supply chain visibility challenges and discover three strategies for improving multi-party data sharing and management in the name of visibility.
Blockchain, cloud, and IT in 2023 and beyond
Predictions from Dr. Tim Wagner, CEO at Vendia, on the big challenges, inspiring opportunities, and exciting sources of IT innovation and technological advancement.
Circles of Trust: Season 1 recap
Find your favorite episode from Season 1 of our podcast, Circles of Trust: Real talk on real-time data sharing. We talk with everyone from our founders to data strategy leaders in financial services, healthcare manufacturing, sports and entertainment, social justice, and animal welfare.
6 predictions about the future of blockchain in 2023
Where is blockchain headed in 2023? We surveyed our founders, solutions architects, and key leaders for their insights and hot takes.
How top financial institutions improve offerings, servicing, and operations with controlled multi-party data sharing
In this episode of Circles of Trust, Brian Kale and James Gimourginas talk with Tim Zonca about the complexities of data sharing in financial services and the impact better data sharing has on customers and the financial institutions serving them.
Top challenges with data traceability
Get familiar with the historical and modern challenges of data traceability, so you can better understand your own (and your data sharing partners’) data lineage mistakes and solutions.
How blockchain can make global supply chains more predictable and efficient
In the face of supply chain shortages and data breakdowns, next-gen blockchain is emerging as a smart way to decentralize multi-party data sharing with full, yet finely grained, end-to-end visibility.
Connecting pets and their humans: How Best Friends Animal Society uses data sharing to connect pets to their human families, faster
Angela Embree, retired CIO of Best Friends Animal Society, talks about the lifesaving power of data sharing across thousands of animal shelters and its impact on helping pets find their humans faster.
10 ways to make your software better when building for cloud scale
How does Vendia’s team of cloud engineers build for scale? James Gimourginas, Director of Solutions Architecture and Customer Success lifts the hood on Vendia’s best practices.
Patient experience with teeth: How the world's leading dental laboratory uses data sharing to improve healthcare
Robert Edwards, Director of Software Development at Glidewell Laboratories, talks about the challenges and pending promise of real-time data sharing across the medical device value chain.
Real-time data sharing challenges (and solutions)
Examine the fundamental obstacles to successful real-time data sharing, including sharing in a data alliance. Understand traditional solutions and explore a more modern one with Vendia Share.
The future of data sharing with deterministic databases
Tim Wagner, the Father of Serverless and Vendia Co-founder, explores how database and blockchain research are revolutionizing business data sharing.
Worlds colliding: The new, unstoppable impact of analytics and operational data sharing at scale
Erin Kelly, SVP at Kraft Analytics Group and Francine Klein, Sr. Solutions Architect, discuss connecting analytics and operational data worlds, at scale, with data alliances.
Codeless APIs: Why generating APIs from data models makes application development easier and safer
Learn how codeless APIs free up teams from relentless grunt work and makes it easy, safe, and secure to share critical business data in your data alliance.
Why dedicate a company (and $50M in investor cash) to real-time data sharing solutions?
In this podcast episode of Circles of Trust, Vendia co-founders, Shruthi Rao and Tim Wagner, talk about why data sharing matters and why they founded Vendia.
Your Customer 360 solution isn’t really 360
Senior Solutions Architect Francine Klein explains why months-long data initiatives intent upon a Customer 360 solution fail and shares what you can do about it. (Hint: Forget Salesforce)
Fintech innovation for housing and finance data ecosystems
The finance, housing, and mortgage servicing system can be transformed through the formation of multi-party and real-time data alliances underpinned by new business blockchain technology.
No more multicloud: Here comes supercloud
SaaS platforms in the post-cloud hyperscaler era are turning the multicloud mess into today’s biggest opportunity.
The great equalizer: How data sharing can help communities overcome social inequities
Meme Styles, Founder and President of MEASURE, discusses how better research and data sharing empower communities with new, unbiased narratives that help solve complex social problems.
Why blockchains, databases, and APIs can’t cut it on their own
Tim Wagner, the Father of Serverless and Vendia cofounder, explains why legacy technology makes sharing real-time data across apps, companies, clouds, geographies, and stacks difficult and expensive.
The global supply chain is broken — can blockchain help?
Multi-party data sharing with fine-grained controls is gaining traction with more and more organizations looking to resolve failed blockchain initiatives with next-gen enterprise blockchain solutions.