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Brett Andrews spends his days building Serverless systems on AWS with JAMStack clients

Explore more with Brian McNamara

Brian is a Solutions Architect focused on enabling customers to develop products and services using Vendia. Prior to Vendia, Brian worked as a serverless solutions architect at Amazon Web Services (AWS). He has experience helping start-ups and enterprises to solve infrastructure automation challenges.

Caroll CasbeerHead of Growth
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Caroll likes, puzzles, reading fiction, and long walks. She may be 65 or 35, hard to say.

Explore more with Cory Forsythe

Cory is a Solutions Architect focusing on customer enablement. Cory previously worked as a Serverless Specialist at AWS. With a background in Software Development, Networking, and Consulting, he is eager to hear about your exciting uses cases for Vendia products.

Explore more with David Brown

David is a principal product manager at Vendia focusing on amazing features for Vendia Share. Prior to Vendia, David was a product manager at AWS focusing on serverless edge computing.

David McElligottSr. Solutions Architect
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David likes helping customers solve hard problems, building fun solutions to life's little problems, and enjoying time outdoors with his wife and son.

Explore more with David Wells

David is a Full Stack Engineer focused on serverless architectures, user experience, and product development.

Francine KleinSr. Solutions Architect
Explore more with Francine Klein

Francine is a Sr. Solutions Architect who enjoys all things data — and she has the personal library collection to prove it. Francine particularly loves to empower companies building data-driven solutions with the right design, architecture, tools, processes, and, of course, people. Catch her as a frequent voice with guests in the Circles of Trust podcast.

Explore more with Gavin Yue

Gavin Yue is a core engineer working on design and development of ServerLess and blockchain based systems

Explore more with Glenn Dierkes

Glenn is a Backend Engineer focused on serverless architectures, data consistency and data analytics.

Explore more with Jake Partusch

Jake is a Full-Stack Engineer focused on product development for Vendia Share.

James GimourginasDirector of Solutions Architecture and Customer Success
Explore more with James Gimourginas

James leads as the Director of Solutions Architecture and Customer Success. He’s passionate about matching digital innovation with customer challenges to create novel, impactful solutions at scale. (He’s also an advocate for the perfect cup of tea.) Look for James in The New Stack and as a frequent guest in our Circles of Trust podcast.

Explore more with Joydeep Das

Joydeep is a Product Manager at Vendia focused on creating a B2B data sharing service. Vendia helps customers collaborate with their business partners using Smart APIs for data sharing. Joydeep has been championing the cause of data products for more than a decade - initially as an engineer and then as a product manager.

Renee FujiiHead of Talent
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Renee loves her two dogs, putting together costumes, and helping recruit brillant Kind Humans to Vendia.

Explore more with Ryan Green

Ryan Green is a professional software engineer with over 13 years of experience building large-scale, highly-available cloud systems and SaaS applications with a focus on serverless and cloud-native architecture, DevOps, scalability, and security. Ryan contributed to several foundational serverless technologies at Amazon Web Services where he was a founding engineer on Amazon API Gateway and AWS Lambda. In his spare time, Ryan enjoys traveling and enjoying the outdoors with his family, mountain biking, skiing, and cooking.

Explore more with Ryan Scott Brown

Ryan is a Python software engineer and AWS Solutions architect with a background in operations, infrastructure tooling, and serverless.

Explore more with Shruthi Rao

Shruthi has been at the crux of innovation in multiple industries throughout her career, which served as a starting point to customer empathy. At AWS, Shruthi led over 1,000 customer conversations to solve the multi-party and cross-cloud data and code aggregation problem using Blockchains. She quickly realized that legacy blockchains were not suitable due to their high cost, low scalability, and complex enterprise integrations. Shruthi is a first generation Indian immigrant, mother to a 5 year old boy and frequently speaks at various conferences.

Explore more with Tim Wagner

Dr. Tim Wagner started the Serverless movement when he created the AWS Lambda business and technology in 2012. His mission then, as now, was to make the creation of enterprise IT solutions easy, fast, and secure. After AWS, Dr. Wagner served as VP of Engineering at Coinbase, where he oversaw the largest mission-critical fleet of distributed ledgers in the US. Dr. Wagner continues to explore business and technology innovations, speaking frequently at conferences

Vikrant KahlirPrincipal Tech Lead, Data and Web3
Explore more with Vikrant Kahlir

Vikrant is a Solutions Architect helping customers automate and accelerate their data workflows across business networks using Vendia Share. Prior to Vendia, Vikrant worked as a Principal Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services (AWS). At AWS, he worked on several large scale Digital Transformation programs and authored new solutions for HCLS, Auto, and Manufacturing.

Alexa JohnsonHead of Content Strategy
Explore more with Alexa Johnson

Alexa is a content strategist, brand and marketing creative, and diehard copywriter who always strives to share valuable ideas and important stories with a clear (and sometimes provocative) point of view. When she's not planting more shrubs and perennials in her garden or frothing milk for the perfect hazelnut latte, she may be off the deep end reading too much YA fiction.

Ben StewardManaging Director, Financial Services
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