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Caroll likes, puzzles, reading fiction, and long walks. She may be 65 or 35, hard to say.

How to think about your growth marketing tactics at a startup
Head of Growth Marketing, Caroll Casbeer, dives into tactics she used at Vendia to grow their marketing engine.
Roundup: Real-time data sharing
Get our most popular and helpful content on real-time data sharing, data lakes, and data mesh in this resource roundup.
New podcast: Circles of Trust launching this fall
Get real talk on real-time data sharing, the perfect brain food for innovation evangelists, business strategists, passionate developers, and next-gen technology fans..
Introducing our new brand identity
Get the first look at our new look and logo with insights from our founders on why, and why now.
Webcast: How to build an enterprise blockchain with serverless
Learn how Tim Wagner, founder of AWS Lambda, built a serverless, enterprise-ready blockchain.
What does a ‘lean app’ mean for developers?
Examine the lean app approach to development, including its precursors, its basic rules, and how it helps developers spend more time creating amazing code.
How to increase transparency in real estate transactions using blockchain and Vendia Share
Learn how Vendia Share makes real estate transactions and multi-party data interactions secure, traceable, transparent, and real time with a shared, single source of truth via serverless blockchain!
Vendia guest contributor program
Create a tutorial using Vendia as part of our "Write for Vendia Program." Participants receive a $500 Visa gift card.
Add Data via SFTP to Vendia Share
Send a CSV via SFTP to add data to your Uni
Adding Data in a CSV to Vendia Share Using Email
How to add a CSV file to your private blockchain with Vendia Share - no GraphQL needed
My first 30 days at Vendia
Caroll Casbeer, Head of Growth Marketing, shares her thoughts on her first 30 days at Vendia — from onboarding to an offsite.