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Vikrant is a Solutions Architect helping customers automate and accelerate their data workflows across business networks using Vendia Share. Prior to Vendia, Vikrant worked as a Principal Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services (AWS). At AWS, he worked on several large scale Digital Transformation programs and authored new solutions for HCLS, Auto, and Manufacturing.

How to improve supply chain visibility
Explore supply chain visibility challenges and discover three strategies for improving multi-party data sharing and management in the name of visibility.
Why is supply chain visibility important?
Supply chain visibility helps organizations make faster decisions with better outcomes. See how SCV data can add efficiency and better serve customers with insights from Vikrant Kahlir, Tech Lead.
Kind is not weak, kind is strong
What makes Vendia culture strong and what fuels our dedication to excellence? Hear from Vikrant Kahlir, Principal Tech Lead for Industry Solutions on the power and practice of kindness.
Introduction to B2B data sharing with Vendia
Learn about B2B data sharing use cases, benefits, challenges, and different approaches for securely and reliably sharing data in a real-time, multi-party data ecosystem.
What is operational data sharing?
Data systems share operational data to monitor the machinations of daily business. Let’s look at four unique use cases and compare it to analytical data.
3 core use cases for Vendia Share in the semiconductor industry
How to reduce supply chain complexity and improve business outcomes with distributed ledger technology (and without sacrificing a climate stable future)
Build a modern, secure data exchange for semiconductor traceability with Vendia
To produce high-quality, high-yielding chips, semiconductor companies need to securely exchange data with the supply chain participants.
13 features you need to evaluate an enterprise blockchain platform
When evaluating an enterprise-grade blockchain solution (or trying to fix a failed blockchain initiative), there are 13 key features and questions IT and innovation leaders should investigate before investing in new infrastructure.
The global supply chain is broken — can blockchain help? Draft post
Multi-party data sharing with fine-grained controls is gaining traction with more and more organizations looking to resolve failed blockchain initiatives with next-gen enterprise blockchain solutions.
Applying Domain Driven Design (DDD) to blockchains
Discover 4 DDD Patterns for your next distributed ledger or permissioned private blockchain created on the Vendia Share data platform with insights from Vikrant Kahlir, Tech Lead for Data and Web3.