My first 60 days: Trust is the chain that connects everything else

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Li Dai
Li Dai
Solutions Architect

In a blink of an eye, I’m already with Vendia for two months. These 60 days, I have seen top-notch servant leadership grow and empower others, a working culture that pushes every individual to be their very best, and an environment where everyone can be their true self without being afraid of making mistakes.

So let me share a glimpse of how things are here in Vendia.

We operate toward one goal

It is true that everyone is different. But when people come together, it also means they share some common ground. In Vendia, many top performers and high achievers took the risk to join such an early startup because we all believe there is an industry to interrupt and there are better ways to share data. But how do we face the potential friction caused by our differences?

We assume good intent

Some might find it hard to believe, but the first time I heard the phrase “Assume good intent” was in these first 60 days. It resonates deeply in my heart as I’ve been practicing this for years. But to actually hear it from someone else in three words at work? It was mind-blowing to me. 

Have you ever:

  • Hesitated to give advice or thoughts, fearing it might make others look bad?
  • Incorrectly worded your sentences and offended someone?
  • Made proposals that you deem valuable but some others see as showing off?
  • Been asked the question, “Where are you originally from?” on a hiking trip?

Whether in a professional environment or personal life, “Assume good intent” has served me well in handling the above situations being on both sides of the table. The less we have to think about these situations, the more energy we have to focus on more important initiatives that contribute to our overall success.

We know words are worthless without trust

Trust is like a chain that connects every piece of Vendia’s values together. The more trust we have in each other, the stronger the links, and the more focus we will have on our ultimate goals. 

Find the right place for yourself

At Vendia, we work with other kind humans to solve hard, interesting, important problems. Take a look at our career opportunities, follow us on LinkedIn, and see if our goals, work, and values appeal to you, too.