The five values that make us Vendia

Kayak from above with 4 rowing people. Blue and aqua water background. Sport and moving concept. Red kayak and 8 paddles.
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Kayak from above with 4 rowing people. Blue and aqua water background. Sport and moving concept. Red kayak and 8 paddles.

Our name, Vendia, is derived from “Venn Diagram.” The name reflects our inventive combination of business blockchain, database tech, and smart APIs. Together, we’ve built Vendia Share for automated, real-time, multi-party data sharing — with control — across workflows and business networks.

Our cultural cornerstone is our Kind Humans Policy, and as we celebrate another great year with customers and each other, here’s an overview of the five values that make us great: Trust, ingenuity, growth, responsibility, and results (or TIGRR 🐯 if you’re feeling sassy).


We earn trust through authenticity, transparency, and good judgment. We build trust with customers and each other by working as a team.

Trust is our #1 value. It defines our company, inside and out.

Our customers trust us to hold their mission-critical data and, increasingly with smart contracts, some of their mission-critical code. We take that responsibility so seriously that earning customer trust is a key part of our approach to “customer obsession.” Earning trust starts from our very first encounter with a customer, and it never ends. We’re committed to making our relationships last for decades as we deepen trust and become an invaluable long-term partner. To earn our customers’ trust, we show up with expertise, transparency, and commitment in every engagement.

Trust defines how we work together as Vendians, too. To be effective and to enjoy our work, we must be able to rely on each other and we must serve reliably, ourselves. There are no lone wolves at Vendia. We move as a pack, building trust — even from the interviewing process — then showing up every day authentically, with humanity, honesty, and transparency.

Trust also means Vendians exhibit good judgment, and we do so consistently — from our thinking and doing in support of customers, our product development, and business operations to the way we invite and give feedback or socialize with one another.


We embrace curiosity and are continuously learning. We’re inventive and creative, and we blaze new trails.

A lot of tech companies (and even companies that don’t think of themselves as such) like to use “innovation” as a core value. To us, innovation is a byproduct of ingenuity.

Ingenuity is resourcefulness in action. It stems from curiosity and blooms through a willingness to experiment and learn, continuously. As a startup, and as passionate performers committed to delivering our best, ingenuity helps us choose and deliver on the right path, a lot.

Meanwhile, the best conditions for ingenuity arise when you are in a community propelled by diversity — diverse backgrounds, diverse approaches, and diverse points of view. Together, through our shared ingenuity, we can break new trails (and hone the trails we’ve already defined) with grace, gusto, and maybe even a little glory.


We are builders with a growth mindset. We continuously improve in all that we do, individually and as a team. We aren’t stagnant and we don’t settle.

Our customers’ success and our commitment to effectiveness as a team drive our high standards. After all, as a startup, and as a community of kind humans who operate from a growth mindset, we are here to deliver, build, scale, and win — and keep winning as we raise the bar for growth quarter upon quarter, year after year.

We are also invested in our own and one another’s growth. From leaders who coach for individual success to supporting career advancement, we know a business cannot grow in a healthy, sustainable fashion if individual team members don’t feel they can grow, too.


We own our successes and failures. We respectfully question each other and speak up if things start going sideways.

From customer success and engineering sprints to lead generation and deal-making, Vendians look into the forest (planning and moving through the strategic big picture) and we see, navigate around, or tend to the trees (what needs to happen now and next). Just as we believe in the lean app methodology for technology, we believe in driving elegant, efficient effort across all of our team disciplines.

As a startup, it’s especially important to work from a place of personal responsibility. Our customers and our teams are counting on that. Taking responsibility and using good judgment are at the heart of true service, internally and externally at Vendia. Also, at Vendia, responsibility is a bridge across all of our values, from finding and acting on trust-building levers to delivering results with ingenuity for growth.


We GSD. We are outcomes-focused and balance speed with control. We think big, take calculated risks, and deliver reliably.

The more meaningful our results, the more resilient we are. And the more resilient we are, the more capacity we have for avoiding analysis-paralysis, making smart bets, and taking calculated risks as we deliver on our platform roadmap and innovate on behalf of our customers and their data partners.

To be successful at Vendia, we must operate with a bias for action, define and design our destination, and proactively blaze the trail toward that destination. Our results directly impact our job satisfaction and operational nimbleness, and they are a throughline to our customers’ satisfaction and success.

Are you a TIGRR, too? Join us

If you’re looking for a place where you can show up as your best self and trust your colleagues to do the same, we’re hiring kind, responsible, ingenuitive humans.

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