Cloudy with Chance of Blockchain

How the cloud and public and private chains will power the web3 world

Cloudy with Chance of Blockchain

Last week co-founder and CEO, Tim Wagner had the opportunity to speak at Launchable: Web3 Startups presented by Madrona Ventures Labs.

Tim explores how organizations can use best-in-class solutoins across private and public chains and the cloud.


Just want the deck? Check it out here!

Want to dive deeper? Download the whitepaper.

Tim Wagner

Dr. Tim Wagner started the Serverless movement when he created the AWS Lambda business and technology in 2012. His mission then, as now, was to make the creation of enterprise IT solutions easy, fast, and secure. After AWS, Dr. Wagner served as VP of Engineering at Coinbase, where he oversaw the largest mission-critical fleet of distributed ledgers in the US. Dr. Wagner continues to explore business and technology innovations, speaking frequently at conferences

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