Vendia Turns 1

Vendia celebrates its first year as a C-corporation

Vendia Turns 1

Vendia turns one year old today as an incorporated company. A year ago, Shruthi and I had just signed a term sheet for our seed stage investment, led by the amazing investors at Neotribe, and finalized the paperwork to become an official Delaware C-corporation.

In the year since, we've hired a fantastic team, launched our enterprise product, Vendia Share, and had the privilege of serving customers in sectors as diverse as automotive, travel, construction, and animal care. A huge "thank you" to our customers, our investors, our employees, and the multitude of folks who've offered their help, advice, and insight along the way.

While many things have changed over the last year, our mission - to help customers share data and build applications that span companies, clouds, geographies, and technologies - has not. We remain committed to the goal of helping businesses share and leverage their most critical operational data simply, securely, and with control. Happy first birthday, Vendia - here's to many more!