Manufacturing & Logistics

Gain supplier transparency, product or service traceability, complete data governance, and improved quality controls, with real-time n-tier data automation and instant reconciliation.

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Our solutions

Real-time Control Towers

Manufacturing and logistics operations often involve multiple stakeholders, processes, and systems. The lack of real-time visibility into production status, inventory levels, and shipment tracking can make DIY or Off-the-shelf “Control Towers” unusable. Vendia allows all stakeholders to access, share, and collaborate on real-time data, enabling better coordination, proactive decision-making, and efficient resource planning.

Supplier Management

Managing a network of suppliers and ensuring timely deliveries can be challenging. Vendia streamlines supplier communication, purchase order management, and supplier performance tracking. It allows manufacturers to share production schedules, quality requirements, and delivery expectations with suppliers, enabling them to align their processes and fulfill orders more efficiently. This improves supplier collaboration, reduces lead times, and ensures on-time deliveries.

Inventory Optimization

Inaccurate demand forecasting, stockouts, or excessive inventory can disrupt manufacturing and logistics operations. Vendia facilitates data sharing among suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and service providers, allowing them to collaborate in real-time, delivering a single source of truth. This promotes accurate demand planning, optimized inventory management, and reduces the risk of stockouts or excess inventory.

Quality Control and Compliance

Ensuring product quality and compliance with regulatory standards is critical in manufacturing. Vendia’s data automation platform enables the sharing of quality control data, inspection reports, and compliance documentation among stakeholders. It helps track quality metrics, identify issues, and implement corrective actions pro-actively and collaboratively. This enhances quality control, reduces rework, and ensures adherence to regulatory requirements, preventing costly non-compliance incidents.

Logistics Optimization

Logistics processes involve managing transportation, tracking shipments, optimizing routes, and managing service providers. Vendia can integrate logistics data from multiple sources, such as carriers, warehouses, and transportation systems. It provides real-time visibility into shipments, enables route optimization, and facilitates proactive management of delays or disruptions. This improves logistics efficiency, reduces transportation costs, and enhances customer service by providing accurate delivery information.

Our differentiation

Vendia’s data automation platform facilitates real-time, tamper-proof, and harmonized data sharing between multiple parties or systems, within and outside your four walls.

Real-time responses to real-time changes

Unlike ad-hoc, manual, or nightly batch processes to share data in your ecosystem, Vendia enables partners to collaborate on shared data in real-time. Everyone sees data changes as they happen, and when these changes put production at risk or present new opportunities to optimize, you can act in real-time. Rich set of data is instantly available for advanced analytics and machine learning tools.

Proprietary consensus protocol

Unlike ad hoc manual or period batch processes to reconcile data among parties, Vendia handles reconciliation instantaneously, leveraging our proprietary consensus protocol, which is based on blockchain technology.

Auditable ledger

Unlike other solutions, Vendia maintains an auditable, tamper-proof ledger that keeps track of every transaction from everyone in the ecosystem. Regulatory compliance is streamlined, and data consistency and resilience across participants is instant.

Easy partner onboarding and integration

Unlike solutions that require large development teams just to onboard a new partner, Vendia enables partners to collaborate with a single click. We offer low-code no-code platform which can be used by developers as well as business analysts, enabling seamless event-based integrations with existing systems like ERP, CRM, Data Lakes, Analytics, and ML tools.

Trust, security, and control

Unlike a centralized approach to data sharing, Vendia allows each participant to retain full control of the data they share. Participants can choose whom to share with, and how much to share by partner, record, and field basis. Additionally, each partner can customize their preferred authentication and authorization mechanisms, without impacting others.

Resilient, secure, and fully managed cloud infrastructure in minutes

Unlike other value chain or supply chain solutions, that also require dedicated system management teams, Vendia offers a managed service with multi-cloud resilience, which is available in minutes.

Other industries

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Financial Services

Break down data silos between departments, subsidiaries and partners and create a unified view of customer data, to reduce exposure, stay compliant, and automate settlements in real-time, with tamperproof, traceable, and efficient data automation.

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Travel & Hospitality​

Drive stickiness and personalized customer experiences by streamlining ticketing, settlements, and loyalty transactions across partners and programs, with compliant data automation.

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