Vendia + Data Lakes & Warehouses

Some things are just meant to work better together.
Vendia gives analytics teams fast, on-demand access to business data and
enriched insights via direct egress between any-to-any systems.

Highlights how Vendia works well with Analytics Ecosystems like snowflake, google bigquery, databricks and amazon redshift

+ Data lakes & warehouses

On-demand intelligence

Access business data and analytical insights at any time via embedded user-interface experiences and direct egress between operational systems and data lakes/warehouses.

Actionable, high-value insights

Execute better business strategies based on deeper insights and patterns via in-built weighted or heuristics data segmentation.

Expanded third-party analysis

Extend analysis across any third-party data source via bring-your-own business intelligence tools, machine-learning models, and direct SQL access.

Custom app development

Quickly and flexibly develop custom business applications using a modern, user-friendly GraphQL interface.

Unlock the promise of genAI

Actionable measures for keeping sensitive data always secure