Circles of Trust: Season 1 recap

Group of multhiethnic business people working together, brainstorming in office
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Group of multhiethnic business people working together, brainstorming in office

Our first season of the Vendia podcast, Circles of Trust: Real talk on real-time data sharing, is live. Find your favorite episode on Spotify and Apple Podcasts, then follow Circles of Trust on your favorite channel for the first look at Season 2 (dropping in March).

Ep. 1 – The Great Equalizer

How data sharing can help communities overcome social inequities

Meme Styles, Founder and President of Measure, a member of the Social Science Research Council, data activist, and Just Tech Fellow, talks with host Tim Zonca about how community-led research, better data sharing, and more multi-party data sharing will give community organizations and civic leaders a common language for solving complex problems like health, education, criminal justice, and economic inequities.

We can turn data into a utility, something we can all leverage and use to make our society better.Meme Styles

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Ep. 2 – Founders Session

Why dedicate a company (and $50M in investor cash) to real-time data sharing solutions?

Vendia co-founders, Shruthi Rao and Tim Wagner, talk with host Tim Zonca about why data sharing is ripe for innovation and why we’re dedicated to helping organizations build real-time data alliances capable of sharing data in ways that have never been possible until now.

The best technology is the one that just disappears and lets the end customer or end user have this amazing experience where they get to where they need to go powerfully but simply. We do that for our customers with Vendia Share.Shruthi Rao

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Ep. 3 – Worlds colliding

The new, unstoppable impact of analytical and operational data sharing at scale

Erin Kelly,  Sr. Vice President of Enterprise Solutions and Strategy at Kraft Analytics Group, and our own Francine Klein, Sr. Solutions Architect, talk with host Tim Zonca about the challenges and opportunities in sharing and integrating both operational and analytics data, plus the game-changing promise of connecting these separate worlds inside enterprises and across business networks.

You can combine operational data with analytics in real-time to help people make memories.Erin Kelly

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Ep. 4 – Patient experience with teeth

How the world’s leading dental laboratory uses data sharing vision and innovation to improve healthcare

Robert Edwards, Director of Software Development at Glidewell, one of the world’s largest producers of custom dental services, talks with host Tim Zonca about data sharing across the medical device value chain. They discuss the changing landscape in multi-party B2B data sharing and patient care as Millennial and soon Gen-Z dentists open practices and expect legit real-time data at their fingertips.

The TikTok generation of dentists are coming in. They, just naturally, do things a different way. And so they expect more real-time as immediacy — I should be able to look at my phone and know where the 10 cases I sent you are.Robert Edwards

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Ep. 5 – Connecting pets and their humans

How Best Friends Animal Society uses data sharing to connect pets to their human families, faster

Angela Embree, recently retired CIO of Best Friends Animal Society, talks with host Tim Zonca about data sharing across animal care providers and shelters. They explore the complex challenges of sharing data across thousands of organizations, and share the Best Friends approach to creating a data ecosystem that saves lives and connects pets to their humans faster.

We helped one of our shelter partners with the worst save rate go from a 30% save rate, which means 70% of the animals were dying in the shelter, to a save rate above 90%. Having that impact for the animals — and proving it — was really important.Angela Emree

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Ep 6. Sharing data in financial services

How the leading financial institutions improve offerings, servicing, and operations with better data sharing

Brian Kale, an independent data strategy consultant for the financial services industry and former Business Solutions executive at Bank of America, and our own James Gimourginas, Director of Solutions Architecture and Customer Success, talk with podcast host Tim Zonca about the complex challenges of data sharing in the financial services space.

Just by nature of being centralized, you become a bottleneck to innovation. And it makes it more difficult to change and adapt to the speed of business. …Having the ability to stretch across clouds is going to be table stakes.Brian Kale

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