The developer’s punchlist for getting started with Vendia Share

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Our leaders and engineering team members’ experience launching services like AWS Lambda taught us that developers are the most important audience for any technology platform. While devs may not be the ones paying the bills, over the long haul, developers “vote with their feet” and the platforms they love are the ones that win.

We created Vendia Share to make it easier for anyone to create applications that bring the same level of consistency, correctness, and timeliness to multi-party apps that developers are used to getting from centralized databases and single-owner cloud services.

With Vendia Share, anyone who can write a JSON Schema can create a distributed application with powerful cloud function data triggers in under 10 minutes.

That’s a huge step forward for application developers who often struggle with the challenges of spanning different regions, multiple accounts, and cross-organizational interfaces. The heavy lift of synchronizing and replicating data, maintaining an immutable and tamperproof ledger, and ensuring trustworthy updates (even among distrustful partners) all come ready to use “out of the box.”

Vendia Share doesn’t just make it easy to share…it also makes it easy to integrate with your existing systems. Have data in Amazon SQS that you’d like to ingest, want to hook up mobile users with social identity providers, or need to send update events to an AWS Lambda function? We have you covered with code-free integrations — issue a GraphQL update to your settings, and you’re off to the races.

Create an account with Vendia Share

Before you can start creating, you will need a Vendia Share account. Sign up at

Start thinking ‘Uni-versally’

Universal Applications, or Unis, are the foundation upon which you build with Vendia Share. You can create your first uni from our web interface or using the Vendia Share Command Line Interface (CLI).

Create your first Uni

Ready to get started? Wes put together some great quick starts to help guide you through creating your first Uni.

  • If you prefer to use a web interface, you can follow along at Web Quick Start
  • Prefer a terminal? We have you covered – check out the CLI Quick Start

Explore advanced quick starts

Once you are comfortable with the Vendia Share service and are ready to dive deeper, we encourage you to explore our more advanced quick starts.

We believe that practical examples are a fantastic way to learn. As such, we have created some quick starts from use cases that are popular amongst our customers and the Vendia team.

Shopping List

Get started with real-time data sharing strategies with this easy to understand quick start. You will build a uni that helps solve a common problem we all deal with, managing a shopping list.

Track and Trace

The ability to share and work with data in real-time with partners is critical in supply chain management. This quick start demonstrates how you can quickly build a system to track goods and trace problems in a modern supply chain.

Product Catalog

Build a product catalog with Vendia Share and get more familiar with some of our data management capabilities. You will expand your knowledge from prior quick starts and learn how to constrain data and work with multiple data types.

Inventory Management

Deploy a sample inventory channel involving multiple parties such as a distribution center and two retailers. Build upon your existing knowledge by using our integrations.

You can view all of our quick starts here

Developer Resources

Developers find learning Vendia Share is quick and easy. Our zero-code approach to APIs and a solution backed by leading serverless architecture greatly reduces the learning curve. Whether you are just getting started in this space or have been developing for years, we have some helpful resources that can accelerate building with Vendia Share.

Introduction to GraphQL

Vendia Share APIs are generated with zero code from your data models. These APIs take advantage of GraphQL to make working with your data and sharing your code easy. If you have not worked with GraphQL prior, this is a great place to start learning more.

Data Modeling

Vendia Share works upon a data model (we call it Schema) that you define. Share uses an industry standard specification for this model. Read more about that specification and find examples of its use here.

Integrating with other systems

The ability to connect Vendia Share with other systems opens numerous possibilities. The fact that these integrations may exist in any given account, region, cloud, or partner, gives developers the flexibility to intelligently design solutions with Vendia Share. Read more about our integration capabilities here.