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Build powerful data sharing apps – in record time

Our platform helps companies rapidly build real-time, transactional services that connect data across applications, data stores, and other silos – without the cost and complexity of traditional integrations.

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Get to market faster with unique tech

We combine the best of the cloud, blockchain, private ledgers, and APIs so you get your new applications and integrations to market faster. Really fast. And without the burden of ongoing infrastructure maintenance.

Next-gen blockchain

Get the trust and decentralization of blockchain, with unparalleled speed and scale.

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Smart APIs

Evolve from “dumb pipes” to APIs that automatically keep data consistent, correct, and up to date.

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Gartner Cool Vendor

“A multicloud strategy is inevitable for global enterprises, but it brings security, integration, cost and governance challenges. CIOs should assess these Cool Vendors that are disrupting the cloud market.”


Leading companies differentiate with Vendia

Customers around the world rely on Vendia to share any data, across any silo, on any cloud, securely, and in real-time.


BMW accelerates car delivery at lower costs with Vendia, sharing real-time data with partners across the supply chain.

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Slalom unlocks cloud benefits for customers and eliminated the overhead costs of first-gen blockchain implementations with Vendia.

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Focus on your unique value

Code, infrastructure, and tools are costly, long-term liabilities – remove what you can, standardize what remains.

We help developers build apps fast and focus on the unique business logic that matters most.

Stop spending time on undifferentiated heavy lifting and start precision coding.


Learn more about next-gen blockchains, Smart APIs and the future of IT.


Blockchains + Centralized IT

Learn how conventional IT, private ledgers, and public blockchains will work together to usher in the Web 3.0 era.

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The Future of APIs

Building APIs for businesses remains challenging. Learn how to evolve from “dumb pipes” to APIs that automatically keep data consistent, correct, and up to date.

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Are Blockchains Databases?

Will blockchain and database technologies remain forever independent? Or is the ultimate expression of data storage a combination of both?

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Proof delivered in less than a week

Deliver a working proof-of-concept of your real-time data sharing app, including a partner integration, in five business days.

Let us help you succeed in sharing. For free.

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